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Gravity Driven Universe by Roy Masters

Gravity Driven Universe by Roy Masters.

Roy Masters is having a special broadcast on Friday, June 26, 2009 where he talks about his alternative theory to the so-called Big Bang theory of how the Universe developed and is sustained.

Gravity Driven Universe by Roy Masters

Download the PDF of Roy Masters’ new theory explaining how gravity is the missing element in our understanding of how the Universe was created and is sustained here:
Gravity Driven Universe whitepaper PDF

I’ve always had a strong curiosity about the Universe and how it came to be. Traditional physics theories are typically quite confusing. Roy Masters Gravity Driven Universe thesis is readily understandable and for the first time in my life I’m able to understand concepts such as Time as a dimension and visualize in my mind why the closer matter approaches the speed of light time slows down.

Trucker Tom Podcast #1094 — Big Changes

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Big Changes

If you think about the scale of the Universe, the Earth and all that we know are the equivalent of a piece of Cosmic Lint.

Big Changes

666 equals 2/3rds — when the percentage of hopelessly brainwashed people hits 2/3’s in a society or the world, write it off, it’s finished.

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