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Trucker Tom Podcast #1088 — Denial Equals Downfall

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Denial Equals Downfall

Socialism encourages everyone in society to become a lazy thief, encouraging ever-growing amounts of slothfulness and government-sanctioned thievery of fellow-citizens money. Socialism therefore encourages sin, mass-imorality, and general wickedness.

Socialism encourages everyone in society to become a lazy thief.

How would you get food if you lose your job or our monetary system ends up in a state of hyperinflation? About 50% of people grew most of their own food during the Great Depression. Today only an estimated 1% of people grow their own food or even know how. Have the satisfaction that comes from growing your own food. http://www.truckertomseeds.com

666 equals 2/3rds — when the percentage of hopelessly brainwashed people hits 2/3’s in a society or the world, write it off, it’s finished.