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Trucker Tom Podcast #1177 — Bloggers To Be Regulated

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Bloggers To Be Muzzled

The demise of the dollar

NYC Mayor Bloomberg: “We can’t just say everybody can go everyplace and do anything they want.”

Police chiefs endorse anti-terror community watch

FTC: Bloggers, testimonials need better disclosure

Celebrities face endorsement crackdown

Woman Struck, Killed By Train In Delaware

Ex-judge accused of spanking U.S. male inmates in his office and awarding them reduced jail time in return for sex

Obama Renews Health-Care Push

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Austin Grandmother Tasered at Traffic Stop

Austin Grandmother Tasered at Traffic Stop.

This story is another sign that our federalized local police departments are getting completely out of control. It’s also a sign that the government is simply taking advantage of the fact there are so many brainwashed citizens living in denial.

Whether we realize it or not, we are now living in a full-fledged police state. Technology is being employed at every turn to enforce our police state rules. Expect it to quickly get much, much worse in the future.

I hope that the local news media does a follow-up on the outcome of the legal case so we can see which party is telling the truth provided that the police dash cam was indeed running.