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2051 Billions In The Gutter

2051 Billions In The Gutter

Trucker Tom Podcast #1061 — Down The Drain !!!

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Down The Drain !!!

Jimmy Carter: Wilson comments ‘based on racism’

Carter: Racism plays major role in opposition to Obama

FBI unit set for more anti-terror raids in Queens; Fears of Madrid-style subway bombings – sources

Lawmaker’s ‘You lie’ outburst draws House rebuke

Concerns of Black House Members Helped Spur Rebuke of Wilson

House guidelines for presidential put-downs

Homeless use of motels still on rise

Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol on Kindle is Amazon top seller

Flu experts gear up for pandemic of vaccine worry

Obama Admin: Cap And Trade Could Cost Families $1,761 A Year

W.H. collects Web users’ data without notice

Cameras keep track of all cars entering Medina

Dem Senator Warns of ‘Big, Big Tax’ on Middle Class in Baucus Bill

Jay Leno’s ratings drop notably for second episode

Fourth Videotape Reveals ACORN Advising ‘Pimp,’ ‘Prostitute’ in California

Duo who turned this trick

Sheriff’s Department Responds To Sonic Device Outrage

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