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Leo Laport Intimidated?

To say that I’m heavily tattooed is probably an understatement. I’ve got tattoos where people seldom see tattoos — right on my head.

Needless to say, the tattoos generate a ton of reactions most of the time when I am in public.

I’ve been an observer of people all of my life.

Occasionally I will have people come up and knock on my truck when I’m parked in truck stops. Most of the time if this happens, it happens at night. Typically, it’s either a pan-handler, an outright begger, or so-called “lot lizard” (prostitute).

Like most truck drivers, I do not appreciate having someone disturb me by knocking on my truck. The combination of all of the tattoos plus a stern, aggravated look on my face usuallly causes many of those wanting something from me to be visibly taken aback when I come to the window. Most of the time I’m perfectly polite in getting rid of them, but I must admit it’s fun to see their instantly skittish, squirming reactions as they think, “Oh crap! Why did I bother THIS guy?”

About a week and a half ago I was attending the 2009 Blogworld New Media Expo conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This is the fifth of five New Media Expos I’ve attended. The tattoos render me highly visible and a majority of podcasters recognize me on site — I’ve been involved in podcasting from the beginning in 2004 and I’m pretty hard to miss.

I was sitting out on a bench in front of the South Hall of the convention center, resting my aching feet and legs, watching people come and go. I happened to get up and go into one of the doors at the same time Leo Laporte came walking up to go back to the conference. He could have easily walked into the same door with me, but instead he continued walking about four doors past, opening his own door.

Leo Laporte

Interesting reaction. Leo has seen me plenty of times in the past and he has to know who I am, though I’ve never done the goofy fan thing with him and ran up and introduced myself — to be perfectly honest, I’ve never been much of a Leo Laporte fan.

I think Leo was intimidated.

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