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Memorial Day Weekend

I spent Sunday afternoon with family at War Eagle State Park, one of the Arkansas state parks that surround Beaver Lake in northwest Arkansas. My two younger brothers, my niece’s husband and I went for a ride in my parents boat this evening after the sun went down. It’s really quite a beautiful lake. Even though thousands of people populate the lake on a warm weather holiday weekend, it’s large enough that it doesn’t seem a bit crowded.

After I got home this evening I decided to purchase, download and install a program called “ATV Flash” that adds a lot of functionality to a standard Apple TV. A normal unmodified Apple TV is essentially an iTunes extender. It is tightly integrated with iTunes, and has limited functionality. On the positive side, it’s a slim and sleek set-top box that easily plugs connects to any HDTV either via HDMI or component video inputs.

ATV Flash adds a ton of functionality to an Apple TV, including the ability to play back many additional video file formats, the ability to browse the Internet, etc. really opening up the usefulness of the device. At the moment I’ve installed ATV Flash on my Apple TV and am in the process of installing multiple updates.

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