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Trucker Tom Podcast #1188 — Do You Have A Hellish Future?

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Do You Have A Hellish Future?

Are you conditioned to respond to words? Your conditioned response to words enslaves you.

“Global Warming” as a sales term is no longer working very well. So in order to sell it the would-be slave masters are trying to change the sales term to “Climate Change” and/or “Global Climate Crisis.”

To sell nationalized health care enslavement to Americans, Nancy Pelosi wants to change the sales term from “public option” to “competitive option.” Americans respond to the word “competitive” more than they respond to the word “public.”

If you have a conditioned response to words, you WILL be enslaved by them, whether you like it or not. The wrong, bloated side of your ego likes to believe it’s in charge, but the fact of the matter is that it makes you a slave. You can be made to believe anything, even if it’s clearly insane and will cause your death and/or the death of your kids and your society. Some idiot that has been able to use your conditioned unthinking sensitivity to words to worm his or her way into power can tell you, for example, that meat is “destroying the planet” and you will tend to believe it, whether you want to or not.

If someone is able to scam you and/or screw you over to the point of your agony or even death because of your sensitivity to their words, you deserve your hellish fate.

Reid to announce push for ‘public option’…


Climate chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save the planet

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