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Loaded next load here.


Stopped to eat.

Eating lunch after picking next load up at Portland, Maine on my way to deliver to Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Sitting outside in the shade in my $10 folding bag chair waiting to unload late this evening near Buffalo, NY.

Getting fuel.

Enjoying the great outdoors, hopefully it won't rain but not looking too promising...

Stopped for dinner.

Back to work today. Truck air conditioner compressor needs replaced at Kansas City company shop, spending the night at a hotel.

Eating lunch.

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August 2016
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  • Trailer orders slow in July
    COLUMBUS, Ind. – Trailer orders slumped in July to 10,147 units, according to the latest data from ACT Research, marking the lowest total since January 2010. Orders were down 25% month-over-month and 50% year-over-year, ACT reports. “The second half of…
  • What is your business worth?
    One of the first questions a business owner has when considering selling his/her business is, “What is my business worth?” The reality is that determining the value of a business is anything but a simple question and there are many…
  • Road Choice expands its parts categories
    GREENSBORO, N.C. – Now offering more than 40 parts categories in its product line, Road Choice Truck Parts has grown its portfolio to include more choice when it comes to wheels, filters, anti-freeze and coolants, hydraulic bottle jacks and jack…
  • Peterbilt graduates more than 200 technicians
    DENTON, Texas — Peterbilt has marked a milestone by graduating more than 200 service technicians through its Peterbilt Technician Institute. The truck maker has also added two new campuses to the original location in Dallas. They’re in Lisle, Ill. and…
  • Bendix extends customer support hours
    ELYRIA, Ohio — Bendix is extending its customer service center hours by three hours. The new hours will be from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. EST, effective today. Customer service support is available in both French and English, the company…
  • July’s Class 8 orders worst since 2010
    COLUMBUS, Ind. — July’s final Class 8 orders were disappointing, down 20% month-over-month and 58% year-over-year, ACT Research reports. A total of 10,358 units were ordered. Medium-duty orders totaled 15,364 units, up 1% from June and last July. “Outside of…
  • Hino Motors Manufacturing honors Dana for superior on-time delivery
    MAUMEE, Ohio – Dana announced today that it was recognized by Hino Motors Manufacturing for its 100% on-time delivery at the annual Hino Supplier conference in July. Dana currently supplies driveshafts, companion flanges, and yokes to Hino from facilities in…
  • The importance of credit checks
    There is very little in the trucking business that is more frustrating than invoicing a customer for a delivered load and then not getting paid in time, or worse, not getting paid at all. This causes significant financial burden; whether…
  • Gamache Group expands services in Montreal
    ANJOU, Que. — The Gamache Group announced today that it is expanding its services for its Montreal customers. The former Camion Ray Lawson is now Gamache Montreal. The Gamache Group says that this enhancement of services increases opportunities to buy or sell…
  • BCTA highlights ‘Jake’ brakes with National Trucking Week around the corner
    LANGLEY, B.C. – We’ve all seen the signs coming into a community advising truckers to ‘please avoid the use of engine brakes.’ Also known as ‘Jake’ or ‘Jacobs’ brake, the British Columbia Trucking Association (BCTA) is trying to shed some…
  • Volvo Trucks rolls out new factory fill engine oil
    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Volvo Trucks North America announced today that it will be offering a new factory fill engine oil for the Volvo D11, D13 and D16 engines. The new engine oil will be meeting new Volvo VDS-4.5 engine specifications and…
  • Quebec takes a chance on young drivers to fill shortage
    An instructor shares his experience working with Quebec’s young driver program
  • Trucking refining its HR practices, Top Fleet program finds
    OTTAWA, Ont. — Think your workplace is the best in Canada? Prove it. That’s what CEO Angela Splinter and the staff at Trucking HR Canada have to say to fleet managers across the country who believe they provide their employees with…
  • The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step
    A few issues ago I wrote about breaking the stereotype of the obese and unhealthy trucker. I said it’s time to throw out the excuses – too many hours behind the wheel or desk, no healthy food at truck stops,…
  • The era of touchless maintenance
    Trucking technology is advancing at a rapid pace and shows no signs of slowing down. One of the biggest of these breakthroughs is the use of remote diagnostics to reduce downtime and eliminate unnecessary visits to the shop. Fleets that…
  • Fleet Safety Council reveals details about its Annual Educational Conference
    MISSISSAUGA, Ont. —  The Fleet Safety Council has announced the details of its 25th Annual Educational Conference this week. This year, the conference is to be held on Friday, September 30 at the Centre for Health and Safety Innovation  at 5110 Creekbank…
  • Continental expands offering of new part numbers
    FAIRLAWN, Ohio  – Continental revealed today that it is expanding its offering of North American automotive aftermarket part numbers. Included in the 51 new offering of parts numbers are molded hose, poly-v belts and timing belt kits.  With the second-quarter…
  • DriverCheck to celebrate 20th anniversary in style
    AYR, Ont. – DriverCheck is celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer. To commemorate this special occasion, DriverCheck is hosting a Customer Appreciation Party, on September 14 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. at its Kitchener Medical Clinic. DriverCheck said the…
  • Erb Transport hosts appreciation day for employees, customers
    MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Nothing brings a company together like a barbecue. At least, that’s what Erb Transport believes. Every summer from June until September, each Erb Transport terminal across Canada treats their employees, customers and their families to a free…
  • Testing your faith in technology
    Riding in a Kenworth truck equipped with Bendix Wingman Fusion a jolting experience

Trucker Tom Podcast #1219 — Lie To Yourself, Draw Faulty Conclusions

1219 Lie To Yourself, Draw Faulty Conclusions …

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The Skeptics Guide Podcast


H1N1 Vaccines Causing Numerous Miscarriages

Here’s an article that includes postings by women who have had miscarriages immediately following H1N1 flu vaccines.

Trucker Tom Podcast #1206 — Change That Scares The Hell Out Of You

1206 Change That Scares The Hell Out Of You…

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Netherlands to levy […]

Trucker Tom Podcast #1194 — DVR’s Increase Commercial Viewership

1194 DVR’s Increase Commercial Viewership…

DVR, Once TV’s Mortal Foe, Helps Ratings

Web could run out of addresses next year, warn web experts

Another city student gets flu vaccine by mistake: Dept. of Ed. officials

Public school nurses give swine flu vaccine to kids without parents’ OK, sends […]

Trucker Tom Podcast #1183 — Fun In Sin City

1183 Fun In Sin City…

Charges expected in Colorado balloon case

New York judge puts hold on mandatory flu shots

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Trucker Tom Podcast #1172 — Angry Grasshoppers

1172 Angry Grasshoppers…

N.Y. Health Care Workers Revolt Over H1N1 Vaccine

Dementia Risk Seen in Players in N.F.L. Study

Police department gets boot in west Texas town

Gore Vidal: ‘We’ll have a dictatorship soon in the US’

Dallas woman fuming over smoking neighbor at complex

Welcome to […]

Trucker Tom Podcast #1061 — Down The Drain !!!

1161 Down The Drain !!!…

Jimmy Carter: Wilson comments ‘based on racism’

Carter: Racism plays major role in opposition to Obama

FBI unit set for more anti-terror raids in Queens; Fears of Madrid-style subway bombings – sources

Lawmaker’s ‘You lie’ outburst draws House rebuke

Concerns of Black House […]

Trucker Tom Podcast #1155 — Suicidal Nannies

1155 Suicidal Nannies…

Pelosi and Reid Tell President: We Have the Votes; President Wants Bill Passed Soon

Daughter claims father wrongly placed on controversial NHS end of life scheme

‘Doctors told me it was against the rules to save my premature baby’

Too late for Obama […]