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1945 Artificial Sweetners

1945 Artificial Sweetners… www.truckertompodcast.com

Gun Rights Radio Network

Foundation of Human Understanding

Wolfgang Puck 5 in 1 Grill & Griddle

I’m not much of a cook. About the only thing I cook at home is spaghetti. Now that I have this new grill I think that will likely change.

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Trucker Tom Podcast #1189 — Control Freaks Feed On Moral Decay

1189 Control Freaks Feed On Moral Decay… www.truckertompodcast.com www.truckertomseeds.com www.pixelbiker.com www.truckerphoto.com www.truckertomphotos.com www.findingamericahd.com

Control Freaks Feed On Moral Decay

Police: Cop Pulled Gun On Haunted House Character

Something really scary for Obama’s Democrats

Congressman arney Frank: “We Are Trying On Every Front To Increase The Role Of Government”

America Moving from Kingdom of Cash to Socialism Slowly but Surely

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Chicago to Pay for Informing on Tax Cheats

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New movie “Starsuckers” takes aim at celebrity journalism

Mainstream News Organizations Falling Prey To Hoaxes

Dallas County constables’ ticketing collects funds, critics

Dallas police ticketed 39 drivers in 3 years for not speaking English

Environmentalist Idiot Alarmists Claim Dogs “Damage” Earth Equivalent To Four-wheel-drive Vehicles

Britons Weary of Surveillance in Minor Cases

Japanese firms to develop small nuclear reactors

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How would you get food if you lose your job or our monetary system ends up in a state of hyperinflation? About 50% of people grew most of their own food during the Great Depression. Today only an estimated 1% of people grow their own food or even know how. Have the satisfaction that comes from growing your own food. http://www.truckertomseeds.com

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Woman’s extreme Red Bull diet | Stuff.co.nz

Woman’s extreme Red Bull diet | Stuff.co.nz.

This woman would have been better off if she had taken up smoking instead of a diet of Red Bull and dry Honey Puff cereal…

Red Bull
Red Bull

Crisis spurs spike in ‘suburban survivalists’

Crisis spurs spike in ‘suburban survivalists’.

Many people sense in today’s economy that something just isn’t right. People in mass numbers are beginning to take common-sense steps in order to be prepared for what might come.

I recently bought a year’s supply of storable, dehydrated food from eFoodsDirect.Com and I must say that it’s a good feeling to have a “Plan B” to fall back on, just in case. Since I’m an over-the-road truck driver I am very familiar with “just in time” manufacturing and delivery practices. The average supermarket or department store is just three days away from empty shelves at any given time. In an emergency the store shelves can be completely bare within a period of only hours.

My philosophy is that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Even if nothing happens, I’ve still got my year’s supply of storable dehydrated food, purchased at half the price of what I could have bought it for at the local supermarket. Also I don’t have to worry about it going stale for at least 15 years. Prepping is an investment in peace of mind.

By the way, if the idea of being prepared intrigues you, check out The Survival Podcast.