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Eating lunch.

Lunch buffet.

Break finished, ate lunch, ready to go again.


Loaded next load here.


Stopped to eat.

Eating lunch after picking next load up at Portland, Maine on my way to deliver to Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

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March 2017
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  • Prison walls no match for Maxim
    PRINCE ALBERT, Sask. – Most people look to bust out of prison, but Maxim Truck and Trailer recently broke in. Coming to the aid of Hipperson Construction, which was performing some updates to the Prince Albert, Sask. penitentiary kitchen and…
  • The reality of building a brand
    When business leaders talk about rebranding, they often think a makeover will fix whatever ails their operation. But charismatic and iconic brands are meticulously crafted from self-knowledge. But let’s start with what a brand really is. A brand is whatever…
  • Off the cuff
    The most common shoulder complaint that I see in my clinic among professional truck drivers are injuries to the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint. It functions to stabilize…
  • Accepting that no one is to blame could be hard pill for public to swallow
    While I was at Omnitracs Outlook 2017 in Phoenix recently, I was part of a media luncheon that included a handful of representatives from US media outlets – I was the lone Canadian at the table – and various executives…
  • Schneider National announces launch of IPO
    GREEN BAY, Wisc. – Schneider National launched its initial public offering (IPO) of 28,947,000 shares of its Class B common stock today. The IPO price is between $18-$20 per share, the company said. Schneider is issuing and selling up to 16,842,000…
  • Navistar rolls out new OnCommand Connection Telematics, Marketplace
    LISLE, Ill. — Navistar announced the launch of its telematics solution, OnCommand Connection Telematics today. According to the company, the new solution includes hardware and applications in support of all Class 6-8 vehicles equipped with a J1939 or J1708 diagnostic port.…
  • Boosting Canada-US relations
    New NTEA president excited to continue growth of Canada-US trucking relationship
  • Chevron still producing CJ-4 engine oil
    Continuing production of previous category engine oil gives fleets more time to transition, company says
  • Thermo King expands line of power management products
    LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Thermo King introduced three new power management tools at the Mid-America Trucking Show. Complementing its existing line of power management products, Thermo King added a boost charger, auto-start module and electric power jack charger. The boost charger…
  • Bestpass offers program for leased trucks, eyes Canadian expansion
    LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Bestpass is coming out with a toll management service for leased vehicles. Its leased equipment toll solution (LETS) allows leasing companies to seamlessly rebill the lessee and transfer transponders from lease provider to customer accounts and back. The…
  • Rand McNally introduces TND 740 truck GPS
    LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Rand McNally has announced the launch of a new TND 740 truck-specific GPS, which it says is faster and more powerful than the unit it replaces. The system was designed to save drivers time. It attaches to…
  • Luber-finer introduces new air filter
      PERRYSBURG, Ohio — Luber-finer recently introduced its high-efficiency MXM Nano Tech Air Filters. According to Luber-finer, the new filters deliver an overall efficiency of 99.99% by utilizing nano technology to keep airborne contaminants at the surface of the filter…
  • Pirelli unveils new product lines
    ROME, Ga. — Pirelli unveiled its new tire line at MATS this week. The company said the new tire solutions are ready to launch in Canada and the US.  “We are excited to announce at MATS that we have the start…
  • Mack gains ground, sees room for further growth
    LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Mack Trucks achieved a 1% market share gain in 2016, and the company sees an opportunity to add to that this year. John Walsh, vice-president of global marketing and brand management with Mack, told press at the…
  • Federal budget pledges improvements to trade and transportation
    OTTAWA, Ont. —  Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government unveiled its 2017 federal budget yesterday where it outlined its plan to establish what it calls a trade and transportation corridors initiative. According to the 280-page document, the initiative will include, among other…
  • Velociti acquires Rolling Strong
    RIVERSIDE, Mo. — Velociti Inc. announced today that it has acquired Rolling Strong. Thanks to the acquisition, Velociti is rolling out a comprehensive new program that will benefit the health and wellness of drivers and their employers through meal, sleep…
  • TMW.Suite and TruckRight join forces
    BELLEVILLE, Ont. — The TMW Suite (TMS) and TruckRight driver recruiting and rentention system have teamed up to improve workflow for users. According to the companies, through the integration, driver data created or modified within the TruckRight portal is automatically…
  • Best Advice… Heidi M. Syer
  • STA welcomes highways and infrastructure spending, but concerns remain
    REGINA, Sask. – The Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA) said the provincial government’s announcement today (March 22) that it would allocate $1.1 billion toward highways and infrastructure was a sign of relief in the face of economic downturn and financial struggle.…
  • Peterbilt grows fleet sales, looks to build on strong 2016
    LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Peterbilt in 2016 opened 25 new dealerships for the third year in a row and produced more than 36,000 trucks – the fourth highest tally in its history. Kyle Quinn, senior vice-president of Paccar and general manager…

1962 Why The Depraved Are Driven To Further Depravity

Gustave Doré’s illustration to Dante’s Inferno. Plate IX: Canto III: Arrival of Charon. “And lo! towards us coming in a boat / An old man, hoary with the hair of eld, / Crying: ‘Woe unto you, ye souls depraved!’” (Longfellow’s translation) “And, lo! toward us in a bark / Comes an old man, hoary […]

Trucker Tom Podcast #1193 — Cut The Money Off

1193 Cut The Money Off…

Health care bill: Calorie counts for Big Macs, vending machines

Republicans eye Obama revenge in off-year elections

Largest cruise ship squeezes under Danish bridge

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Trucker Tom Podcast #1172 — Angry Grasshoppers

1172 Angry Grasshoppers…

N.Y. Health Care Workers Revolt Over H1N1 Vaccine

Dementia Risk Seen in Players in N.F.L. Study

Police department gets boot in west Texas town

Gore Vidal: ‘We’ll have a dictatorship soon in the US’

Dallas woman fuming over smoking neighbor at complex

Welcome to […]

Pro Health Control Angry Mobs Attack People – Carnahan Town Hall 8/6/09

The Pro Health Control people are the angry mobs as you will see in this video. You will hear and see several different issues break out (3 or 4 different altercations). Some Campaign For Liberty members were there collecting signatures on an Audit the Fed petition for Senate Bill 604 and documenting the events inside […]

Victim of Attack at Kathy Castor Tampa Healthcare Townhall

A concerned citizen, who hoped to attend the Healthcare Townhall meeting in Tampa, FL with Congresswoman Kathy Castor, was attacked as he tried to enter. Union members assaulted him as he stood near the doors waiting to enter.