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Trucker Tom Podcast #1157 — Deal Effectively With Those Who Work To Destroy Your Common Sense

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Deal Effectively With Those Who Work To Destroy Your Common Sense

Destroying California Farms to Save Smelt

To save power, Bangladesh bans suits and ties

Cuba uses sniffer dogs to track down crooks, dissidents

Abercrombie & Fitch was fined $115,264 for refusing to let an Apple Valley teen help her autistic sister try on clothes

Forget Silicon, This Teenager’s Solar Panel Uses Human Hair as a Conductor

Shining a light on disease — tracking light-emitting bacteria during infection

US Nuclear Power Industry Poised For a Comeback

With iTunes 9, Apple again disables Palm Pre sync

Apple rivals DVD with new iTunes Extras for movies and

A few fun facts from Google’s new Internet Stats feature

Linux Foundation to Microsoft: stop secretly attacking Linux

Tallying earmarks and changing government… from your couch

Sprint unveils unlimited mobile calling, data, text, MMS for $70

Google Just Showed Amazon How to Save the Content Biz

Verizon’s New Wireless Pricing Is An Insult

Is Comcast Trolling For Content?

TweetDeck Adds MySpace And Facebook

Has eBay Turned a Growth Corner?

Sleep helps reduce errors in memory, research suggests

Size of fat cells and waist size predict type 2 diabetes in women

75 percent would consider letting an unsupervised trainee perform surgery if it could be done quicker

‘Dung of the devil’ plant roots point to new swine flu drugs

Bacteria Used To Make Radioactive Metals Inert

Facebook Ordered To Turn Over Source Code

Twitter To Add Money-Making Features

Church altar smites devout Catholic

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