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1965 Part One Of A Very Long Podcast

Codificació mp3 de la gravació d'unes castanyo...
Codificació mp3 de la gravació d’unes castanyoles, realitzada amb l’ajuda d’un editor d’àudio(Adobe Audition). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have finally pushed my podcast recording software of choice — Adobe Audition 1.5 — to its very limits. I now know that I cannot render an MP3 file longer than 3:09:07. I’m surprised I haven’t ran into this limitation before. But now I know. So, this is part one. Part two, the final 25:10 is rendered into a separate MP3 file and will be podcasted in it’s own post. So if you find you are missing something, come back and find the other part of the file, it will be in the very next entry.

Foundation of Human Understanding

1388 The Road on Blu-Ray, Top 10 Box Office

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3PL Radio Network

PT Cruiser Cast Podcast — A video podcast all about the PT Cruiser

Michael W. Moss Post It Cast Podcast

The Uncommon Sense Podcast

Channel Erk

Mark Vanderburg’s Gun Rights Radio Network

Foundation of Human Understanding

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