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2045 Democratic Party Suicide

2045 Democratic Party Suicide

1738 Labor Unions Got Out Used Via Obamacare Issue

1738 Labor Unions Got Out Used Via Obamacare Issue… www.truckertompodcast.com www.truckerphoto.com

Labor unions thought they were going to get special treatment, believing in the magic pixie farey dust of collective government, that somehow their resentment would somehow make healthcare free. They backed Democrats in elections to the tune of millions and millions of dollars. Now they are full of regrets and excuses, but most of them still cannot admit that they were used in the first place, that they fell for the con of free health care. Believing in collective government salvation is akin to believing in a false god or worshipping at the feet of a golden calf. The false god of government cannot deliver. If you have something to suffer, especially if it’s the result of your own foolish actions, then suffer it graciously without complaint or whining.

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Foundation of Human Understanding

Roy Masters

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Trucker Tom Podcast 1252 — Thought Implants

1252 Thought Implants… www.truckertompodcast.com www.truckertomseeds.com www.pixelbiker.com www.truckerphoto.com www.truckertomphotos.com www.findingamericahd.com

Thought Implants

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Foundation of Human Understanding

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