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Don’t Give Money To Traitors

A telemarketing firm has been calling me twice a day again for the past few days. I ended up answering it this evening — as I knew beforehand, they were calling on behalf of the Republican Congressional Fundraising Committee, wanting a donation.

The guy was quite polite. However, I told him in no uncertain terms that I won’t open up my wallet again for political donations until I see them beginning to run and support real conservatives, and stop trying to be party of Democrat Lite. In the New York 23 special election, the Republicans actually ran a TV ad against the real conservative that’s in the race, so apparently the party leadership has yet to receive the message. I told him I would likely open my wallet again once the 2010 election starts to heat and and IF and WHEN I see the Republican Party running real conservatives.

The script he was reading was trying to suggest that they were trying to rebuild the conservative base of the party. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t — they could just be telling people what they want to hear in order to get them to send money. I have to see a real change in direction first, not just nice-sounding rhetoric. Otherwise they can kiss my ass. To give money to Democrat Lites is exactly the same as giving money directly to political enemies. Giving money to Democrat Lites is tantamount to encouraging them to be bigger traitors.

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