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Trucker Tom Podcast #1174 — Are You Jealous Of Your Neighbor?

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Are You Jealous Of Your Neighbor?

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Dead Motorcycle Battery

Yesterday I plugged my motorcycle battery into the small battery charger and left it overnight so it could charge. Today, I thought I’d go for a ride… NOT…

It seems that the battery is shot. “No problem,” I just stop by a motorcycle dealership to pick up a new one.

Wait a minute, not so fast. “That’s a special “T” shaped battery and we don’t carry it in stock. You’ll have to try to get it from the Honda dealer. However, we can order it.”

It seems that my bike, a 1999 Honda Shadow Ace Tour, requires a special battery, just like it requires special proprietary tires. So, I called the Honda dealer. They would have to order the battery too, as they don’t keep it in stock either.

So, it looks like I’m out of luck with the idea of going for a ride until I can get a new battery.