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1769 Atheists Despise Natural Latent Human Ethics

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2008 Mingdau University Fashion Fusion Show: The Origin of Human Beings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1769 Atheists Despise Natural Latent Human Ethics… www.truckertompodcast.com www.truckerphoto.com

Rabid atheists are a group of people who despise God’s creative intent of what human beings are and/or should be. There is a natural, latent, living set of ethics that we as human beings should live by, but as human beings we are given a choice. We don’t have to be what God created us to be. A large group of atheists despise these latent ethics and are driven to undermine the very idea of a Creator, so as to invalidate any idea of right or wrong.

Mark Vanderburg’s Gun Rights Radio Network

Foundation of Human Understanding Roy Masters


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Trucker Tom Podcast #1220 — Human Self Delusion Is Endlessly Fascinating

1220 Human Self Delusion Is Endlessly Fascinating… www.truckertompodcast.com www.truckertomseeds.com www.pixelbiker.com www.truckerphoto.com www.truckertomphotos.com www.findingamericahd.com

Human Self Delusion Is Endlessly Fascinating

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Climate scientist Phil Jones at center of e-mail controversy to step down

Penn State Will Investigate 'Climategate'

Inhofe Asks Boxer to Investigate Possible Scientific ‘Conspiracy’ in ‘Climategate’

Climate e-mails topple Australian opposition leader

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