I originally found this meditation exercise back in the early 1980’s by listening to a guy named Roy Masters on the radio. Roy is still around in 2009 and his website is

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Here are the files:




Roy Masters has recently come up with a simplified technique that makes meditating easier and more effective than ever before. This is a clip of him talking a caller to his radio program through the his new meditation technique:

Latest Meditation Technique

I’ve personally made my own recording of Roy’s latest meditation technique, which can be downloaded here:


Feel free to save these to your computer by right-clicking and then . Use them on your MP3 player, burn them to CD, etc. and use them as you will.

Most people will find that if they give this meditation an honest try, they will find that it helps them. If you find that the meditation exercise helps you, then make time in your day to continue to use it, or the benefit will be short-lived.

For a number of years, Roy Masters has been very interested in physics and has come up wth a new theroy of everything he calls the Gravity Driven Universe. He’s written a fascinating white paper explaining it, which you can purchase HERE.

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