Trucker Tom Podcast #1103 — An Angry Elitist Atheist

1103 An Angry Elitist Atheist…

An Angry Elitist Atheist

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2 thoughts on “Trucker Tom Podcast #1103 — An Angry Elitist Atheist

  1. Tom, this is just one meager listener’s opinion.I would like to hear more Tom and less TedTalks. We listen in to hear about you and your life. And,the occasional reminder to grow closer to our conscious is nice too. My ego doesn’t like it,but some part of me does.
    I am only half way through this podcast,and it so reminds me of my previous husband when I was 17. I only learned he was an atheist after we were married and was quite suprised at the behavior one allows oneself when free of the constraints of their conscience. At least he was open with his beliefs and views,what concerns me also, are the individuals in one’s life who may be concealing them. Thank you for pointing out that “bible thumpers” can be just as guilty and misguided,although usually from my experience,not as much,as the professed atheist.Thanks for keeping up the work,and go where you need to,but we like to hear about you as well. I wonder if you believe Atheists can ever be “good people”.
    Sincerely, MB

  2. Hi, Tom. I finished listening to this podcast. Your synopsis of these Tedtalks seems accurate to me.Many are not worth taking the time to watch,if your time is limited.Several are quite eye opening and insightful.I have been listening to the Tedtalks for a year now,and have decided to spend my time elsewhere,because some of it is nonsense. I now would like to answer my own question and that is genuinely people would be hard pressed to be good people if they choose atheism.Their behavior could appear “good”,but the good intent would be missing. It’s funny,but that is how I see a few people I interact with,as “missing something”.Disturbingly, it could be their connection to their consciousness. Feel free to correct at will,you are the teacher. I appreciate the time and energy you choose to spend on your podcasts,helping us newbies. Sincerely,MB

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