Gravity Driven Universe by Roy Masters

Gravity Driven Universe by Roy Masters.

Roy Masters is having a special broadcast on Friday, June 26, 2009 where he talks about his alternative theory to the so-called Big Bang theory of how the Universe developed and is sustained.

Gravity Driven Universe by Roy Masters

Download the PDF of Roy Masters’ new theory explaining how gravity is the missing element in our understanding of how the Universe was created and is sustained here:
Gravity Driven Universe whitepaper PDF

I’ve always had a strong curiosity about the Universe and how it came to be. Traditional physics theories are typically quite confusing. Roy Masters Gravity Driven Universe thesis is readily understandable and for the first time in my life I’m able to understand concepts such as Time as a dimension and visualize in my mind why the closer matter approaches the speed of light time slows down.

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  1. Page 15: “Because of compression gravity, the earth will never cool or lose its magnetic field always rotating from the very same force spinning the elements at the quantum level.”


    “Massive bodies capable of magnetic crystallization at their core explain why planets rotate on their axes.”

    First, the Earth’s core is not cooling or cooling as fast as one might otherwise expect because it contains radioactively decaying potassium, uranium and thorium sustaining its heat. Secondly, planets rotate because they can only form from matter which is in a high state of angular momentum (swirling in the same plane). The matter comes together under gravity and the remaining spin represents the conservation of the cumulative angular momentum. In the specific case of the Earth, there is a
    strong theory that 4.5 billion years ago a large object struck it off-center creating debris that produced the moon and setting the Earth spinning making it a planet. There is, however, no continuous force being reapplied over and over again to the Earth’s rotation.

    Page 25: “The gravity field within a certain type of rotating wheel is not equivalence; it is real gravity. It
    requires no uniform acceleration; has no resistance; flows forever continuously doing work (work being pushing astronauts against the interior and keeping them grounded).”


    “As a space station rotates forever with 360° of gravitational force radiating from the axis against the
    peripheral wall, it will produce work forever.”

    First, the static pressing of astronauts does not constitute work. Secondly, a rotating object represents a
    very finite, single state of energy. If it performed work, it would have to lose energy from its rotation. To produce work forever the rotating space station would represent an infinite amount of energy. We can, however, stop the rotation with a very finite amount of energy and the rotation will not begin again on its own.

    Page 27: “If there is no gravitational field, what then could push a weightless astronaut against the peripheral wall of the space station?”

    This is simply centripetal force toward the center.

    Page 31: “Electrons actually spin from the field and not the copper coil. It is the changing magnetic state that pulls electrons from the field into the copper windings.”

    There are no electrons in the electric field. The field emanates from the electrons flowing through the wire.

    On a recent broadcast of his Saturday science program, Roy said that the Earth’s magnetic field is due to iron in the core forming a “perfect magnet”. The Earth’s core is largely iron with a little nickel. This cannot form a permanent magnet. Such material is ferromagnetic at room temperature requiring an external magnetic field to bring out its own amplified field. In the case of the Earth’s core, however, even this does not apply. The core is hotter than the Curie temperature of all ferromagnetic materials
    and all magnetic material in the core is only paramagnetic responding only slightly to an external field. It is generally regarded that the Earth’s mild magnetic field is generated from slight electrical currents forming from the molten metal flow in the outer core which in turn is enhanced by coupling with ferro- and para-magnetic material throughout the Earth’s entire structure.

  2. Roy sees space as filled with a “time wind” consisting of rivers of particles racing in every conceivable direction simultaneously. As a result he sees light as a particle accelerated to “the speed of light” by the time wind. Before going into much detail, this raises certain points. First, neither push gravity nor kinetic ether is a new concept. Both ideas have been repeatedly rejected for good reasons. They go back in various forms to 1690 (<a href="'s_theor…” target=”_blank”>'s_theor… Secondly, if light is being dragged along by “time wind”, how is it that we are able to generate and propagate electromagnetic radiation of different wavelengths and frequencies and therefore energy levels? Also, if this time wind contains so much energy, how come it does not rip our hand apart when we pass it through space?

    Looking at his specific writings we can make the following comments:

    Finding God in Physics

    pg. 113

    "Contrary to the traditional view of lightning, I believe that wherever a column of moist air possesses sufficient density and reaches high enough into the atmosphere, the everpresent electric charge surrounding our planet is conducted to ground as lightning bolts."

    Clouds move through the air and pick up static charge. In addition, clouds contain ice crystals. The crystals smash into each other further enhancing their surface charge. When the associated charge density (voltage) exceeds the dielectric strength of the air, it discharges to the ground as lightning.

    pages 150-151

    "light does not need its emitting source for power."

    Light needing its emitting source for power is, however, commonly observed, measured and engineered.

    "Light slows down through the denser media of air, water, or glass, but upon emerging from the other side of any of those media, light instantly accelerates back to its precise former velocity."

    Photons don’t “slow down” in a piece of transparent material. Their net speed is reduced because they keep getting interrupted in their motion by striking electronic bonds in the solid. The electrons absorb the photons and then re-emit them in the original direction of propagation. This occurs again as the photons hit the net set of bonds and so on. This process takes a finite amount of time and thus the net speed is reduced.

    "If I throw a baseball through a plate glass window, will it emerge from the other side at the same velocity? Of course not. Then how on earth do photons do it?? From what source do they derive the power to regain their velocity?"

    The loss of energy from light is indicated in the lowering of its frequency and not in "slowing down". Blue light has more quantum energy per photon than red light. When light passes through a "clear" solid, it can experience lowering of its frequency and/or a drop in its intensity.

    "light is either pushed by an ether "wind", or "light has some kind of infinite, self-regulating, internal propulsion. Obviously, the first is the only plausible line of inquiry".

    Light exists as an electric wave interchanging into a magnetic wave and back again. It does not draw on internal propulsion because its energy isn't spent by pure motion.

    Gravity Thesis

    Page 14: “Do you want evidence that space-time is a three-dimensional shaping force from the smallest symmetries of fundamental particles and beyond to the shaping of stars? Then ask your professor why raindrops are spherical; he will tell you it is surface tension. Then ask him to explain why perfect ball bearings form when molten metal is poured into space. There is no surface tension there.”

    Molten metal in space forms balls because of surface tension. The idea that there is no surface tension in space is silly.

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