Trucker Tom Podcast #1099 — How Marxism Is Justified

1099 How Marxism Is Justified…

How Marxism Is Justified

Human beings that harbor resentment and are enemies with their conscience end up seeing the world backwards. Right becomes wrong, wrong becomes right, freedom is slavery, and slavery is freedom. I play a clip from a TEDtalks piece that essentially attempts to justify slavery to the state and income redistribution as a good thing because slaves are happier than if they are completely free. I do a stop-start on the clip, point out the flawed reasoning and explain why it is fundamentally flawed.

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How would you get food if you lose your job or our monetary system ends up in a state of hyperinflation? About 50% of people grew most of their own food during the Great Depression. Today only an estimated 1% of people grow their own food or even know how

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4 thoughts on “Trucker Tom Podcast #1099 — How Marxism Is Justified

  1. Your start-stop analysis sounds extreme. The speakers argument was focused how the myriad of choices in the free market economy tend to overwhelm and confuse the consumer. He didn’t draw any conclusions regarding the function of the state or the insanity of our tax code.

    The ultimate freedoms in some aspects of our American lives overwhelm me when I’m looking for a single quality product amidst many products that frequently misrepresent themselves.

    1. Many things misrepresent themselves, including Marxism. That’s not the fault of choice, but the lack of honesty. The lack of honesty cannot be legislated or taxed away by any political system or form of government.

      The speaker did say at the end that he thought income redistribution is a good thing, advocating more of it – less income equals less buying power equals less choice equals happier people. It’s a faulty line of thinking. By that line of thinking, black’s should have been happier as plantation slaves. Take that line of thinking to it’s extreme and we should all be forced to be exactly the same, complete with the same imposed thoughts, never allowed to deviate in any way.

      Dishonesty out in the world can’t be eliminated, however our own honest attitude and approach can filter out what makes sense from what doesn’t, the true from the false.

  2. Found the clip from the TED conference to be very interesting and informative, although his presentation condescending and quite smug. I find it distressing that someone could really believe such nonsense. I found his views to be juvenile, immature, selfish, and shallow. Although you did not say I assume from his comments that he is some kind of teacher, professor or instructor. I am afraid that his views are quite prevalent and accepted in education today. I was also amazed that the audience seemed to just ‘lap’ it all up. No question that having very limited choices makes your life easier in a sense. But that is the thinking of a child not of a mature adult. Being an adult is all about making choices, admittedly sometimes those choices are very hard and occasionally your options are not good ones. Part of that choice process is taking personal responsibly for those choices and learning from them. That is how we humans evolve and grow which has allowed us to create the kind of society that we enjoy today. It is not perfect and we still have many problems that need to be corrected but we have come a long way. Todays generation enjoy the results of those previous sacrifices and hard choices.

    Now this very privileged generation who think they know better than all who came before want throw out the whole system. Simply, because they might feel some distress by having to make choices for themselves. How incredible selfish a generation we created.

    Income re-distribution is an example of a Utopian view of the world that is not based in reality, the human being is not constructed to be content with the status quo there is something within some of us that drives us to achieve and those individuals will always rise to the top of the heap. I am deeply concerned that the type of thinking as expressed by the speaker is so prevalent today. I am afraid that we all will pay a terrible price for such foolishness….Victor

    1. I’ve got a ton more TED conference clips to go through. Most of them are interesting so I’ll probably find a few more to pick apart as I continue to go through them. This is a mostly super-liberal audience and if you listen to them they keep telling each other how smart they are. People of this ilk generally have incredibly fragile egos and cannot take criticism very well at all.

      A lot of these people, including this particular professor, are California ex-hippie trust fund baby types. They don’t live in the real world. Their parents spoiled them rotten, thus robbing them of their own initiative and filling them with resentment towards their parents. They end up in a permanently-immature emotional state, blaming the so-called “system” and wanting to tear it down. They are total slaves to their immaturity, and the only happiness people like this can have is to destroy things that are good.

      I love the fact that videos like this are freely available on the Internet, because it affords me the opportunity to highlight their own words and point out their fallacies.

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