Trucker Tom Podcast #1097 — Communication Costs Approach Zero

1097 Communication Costs Approach Zero…

Communication Costs Approach Zero

Up until the Internet came along, people were able to make paying businesses out of helping other people communicate, utilizing high-priced print and broadcast technologies. The Internet replaces those technologies and is in the process of disrupting monopolistic business models that were traditionally based around multi-million dollar printing presses and broadcast facilities.

People are now able to communicate one-to-many or many-to-many directly, and as demographics and communication consumption behaviors change, old business models that are suddenly no longer viable in today’s world are beginning to crash to the ground. Owning a newspaper printing press or TV or radio transmission tower are no longer guaranteed methods for making money.

The days of making a business out of communications itself are rapidly ending. Business models themselves will therefore have to change. The only businesses that will be able to survive in a near-zero-cost of communications environment are those businesses that provide real value.

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One thought on “Trucker Tom Podcast #1097 — Communication Costs Approach Zero

  1. Hi, Tom. I feel I must speak out about the value of the local newspaper. I think with all of this technology available,it can be overwhelming with lots of information we are actually not seeking,some times I am actually quite offended and disturbed by the adcontent that aligns my news online,and I dont consider myself prude,but quite the opposite,quite open minded. I still subscribe to my local daily paper,there is something very pleasurable about the feel and look of the local paper,I guess I like turning the pages with my hands,and I guess I am looking for quality of experience,not quantity. So,perhaps technology lends an appreciation to that.
    If I were you I would steer clear of the personal ads on craiglist,there are plenty of ways to meet the right people,and it looks like you are already pursuing the best avenue. You must be patient,Tom,the right people will come to you and you will know if they are the right people to be friends with.Not,implying you were looking exactly,but just in case.Thanks for keeping the podcast machine going,for staying the course. Sincerely, MB

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