Trucker Tom Podcast #1088 — Denial Equals Downfall

1088 Denial Equals Downfall…

Denial Equals Downfall

Socialism encourages everyone in society to become a lazy thief, encouraging ever-growing amounts of slothfulness and government-sanctioned thievery of fellow-citizens money. Socialism therefore encourages sin, mass-imorality, and general wickedness.

Socialism encourages everyone in society to become a lazy thief.

How would you get food if you lose your job or our monetary system ends up in a state of hyperinflation? About 50% of people grew most of their own food during the Great Depression. Today only an estimated 1% of people grow their own food or even know how. Have the satisfaction that comes from growing your own food.

666 equals 2/3rds — when the percentage of hopelessly brainwashed people hits 2/3’s in a society or the world, write it off, it’s finished.

6 thoughts on “Trucker Tom Podcast #1088 — Denial Equals Downfall

  1. Hi,Tom, this is yet another excellent episode.Not trying to feed your ego,I know you can handle the praise responsibly.
    I am not sure you get all of the credit,I hear God speaking through you,and no,Im notanutcase.How do you differentiate between being strong and standing up for yourself and your children without resentment being present?
    I see the dynamics you describe,perfectly,how does fear play into this dynamic,especially if the fear is of making decisions that hurt other people,including children?Can a person be mean,cruel in words and good in actions at the same time?Are they a good person?Confusing to me and I am looking forward to your confusion episode.Thank you.
    Sincerely, MB

    I have something to add on your issue of abortion, I too have an inborn belief abortion is wrong,I was 15 and pregnant with a baby I was told would have considerable mental deficits,and they were WRONG,she ended up being gifted and above average intelligence.I have a brother who has mental delays and speech problems and I am so GRATEFUL he is here,alive,that his mother had him, he is the kindest human being I have ever met.

    1. Fear is the flip side of resentment. So for example if you find yourself fearing dealing with some person, place or thing and that fear is otherwise irrational, then it almost always indicates the presence of resentment. A good way to think of it is this, say for example you would fear or dread dealing with a relative or even close friend. I as a perfect stranger would have no “history” with that person and could easily deal with them no matter what their reputation and not fear the encounter, yet you would find the idea of doing the same thing difficult or be fearful of it. The “history” would mean resentment was involved, and it flips around and you experience it as fear.

      If I fear making a decision, then I will wait until the pressure from friends/family/etc. has subsided and at some point it will become obvious what to do. Sometimes that means doing nothing, other times it means taking some sort of action.

      Sometimes there are people who generally do the right thing but can be mean and cruel with their words. Perhaps they are a slave to the cruel spirit that was passed on to them by a mean/cruel parent and have never been able to escape it. The way to deal with a person like this is to learn not to resent them. If you can deal with them without resenting them it can offer them the opportunity to see their own cruelty. If you resent them back when they are mean and cruel then they simply see you as the problem and never have to look at themselves because the problem is outside of them. Resentment is not behavior, though it can be revealed in behavior. Think of it in terms of tuning forks. A tuning fork will vibrate in sympathy with another tuning fork. If the second tuning fork (resentment) isn’t present (in you), there’s nothing for it to vibrate in sympathy with. When we deal justly (without resentment) with a cruel person and don’t resent their cruelty back, we are offering them a mirror and an opportunity to see themselves. “Without resentment” doesn’t mean we are being weak, we might have to resolutely punch someone in the nose if it came to it, though that usually is never necessary. It simply means that we are not adding our own animosity.

      People trying to justify abortion or any other sin as a “good” thing will try to “sell” other people on it. Except in this case it’s murder of the most innocent who have yet to have a chance to live. I’m glad your daughter and brother are alive.

  2. Thank you for your reply,it is very appreciated.

    I do not feel I did the right thing by getting pregnant so young,ironically I am against teenagers procreating,because it is the child it hurts,it took me many years to be pro-adoption,life is not a perfect process,but babies deserve the best start possible.

    I will keep working on letting go of the resentment,it is that baby I had with me, that he adopted,that he gave up on her and doesnt seem to care at all.I believe that is why I am resenting.I thought it was either me,the original culprit or him to blame,guess I just have to let it go,and work on being the best mom possible for her now,in the present moment,I’d hate to waste it looking back.I so badly want to be that peaceful tuning fork.Thank you.
    Sincerely, MB

  3. Resentment can be a tricky thing to nail down. The best description I can come up with is the one I use all the time about hurling secret mental thunderbolts in one’s mind as if one were striking the object of resentment dead with those thoughts.

    If one can get one’s own resentment, animosity, etc. out of the equation, it then becomes possible to deal with people, places and things in a much more productive way. That doesn’t mean that you have to let people step on you, nor does it mean that you have to step back on them.

    I find that once my own resentment is gone, I might be able to hang around someone I resented in the past and enjoy their company on my terms, or they might be a jerk and I really don’t want to have anything to do with them. Letting go of resentment towards a person, place or thing allows me to maintain my own identity. Letting go of resentment allows God to be the judge and the administrator of justice.

    Your daughter is the innocent victim of circumstances. If she is able to see a real God-given identity in you clearly, without the clouds and obscuring darkness of your own added ego-supporting resentment, she will have a reasonable example presented to her via her Mom. Later on she will remember and come back to her Mom’s example.

    We all come into this admittedly highly-dysfunctional world with a proclivity to resent, to play god in our own minds. There’s plenty of injustice to go around. If we can learn what resentment is, how it causes us to lose our identity and become externalized and “of the world” the pain of separation from the identity that comes from the real God can cause us to turn back and begin to seek real answers.

  4. Okay ,Tom I promise I am not trying to turn your comment section into a book, I just have one more thing to add,I spent one single day,focusing on not resenting,on seeing the good gifts God has given us the perceived good and bad experiences both are here to learn from,because I think in totality,the good really does outweight what we perceive as bad by multitudes,and even bad things can carry good lessons,and I chose to resent no one,catching myself when I did, and really good interactions occurred,just in this one day that went by.Not that I will expect every day to be like that,or that I expected that outcome at all,I was just trying to be an istrument of peace and happiness. Resentment is so painful anyway I discovered it is what ruins your day and clouds your view. I guess as a mom,you realize some things maybe other people dont get to see. If I wake up happy,fully conscious,actively pursuing what I need to do, my children become in tune with that vibe,they are happy buzzing around the house too.So if this works with kids who are just junior adults really, then I am sure it would work in any relationship. And, I listened to 2 of the meditations you recommended,very good indeed, the hand one was kind of boring but purposeful so will use a little self discipline and follow through on that one,but the other one was such good information,good guidance,I will be sure to listen to them again.I downloaded them to my desktop,transferred them to an sd card adapter with a sd mini that fits in my phone and now I have it wherever I go.Thanks Tom, I see you not as a God,but as an instrument of peaceful guidance,offering directions to me, where I want to go,so that I can pick up and lead myself,and my family there.
    Sincerely, MB

    1. I am really glad I set this WordPress site up. The comments and interaction are excellent. I really do appreciate you taking the time to express your thoughts.

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