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  1. Hi, Tom, I couldn't find a way to send you an email, and this comment isn't really about this blog post. I enjoy your podcast, you do a great job of explaining your views, and I take away either some knowledge or something to think more deeply over. I was listening to a caller taking issue with you over your comment about how parents who send their kids to public schools don't love them. I agree with him, and here's why. Parents are raising their children to participate in society, not just to get out into it. My husband and I could afford to send our kids to private school. There wouldnt' be much left over but we could do it. There is no private school in our town. There is one in the next town, 20 miles away, and they have a shuttle service. It's a good school, and I have friends who send their children there, and if we lived in the town they live in, I'd do the same. Our schools are good. Not perfect, but definitely safe. I have found the staff and faculty to be responsive and communicative. Of course, we live in the deep South, so we have Christmas break, not winter break. The private school that my friends' kids go to is not without its own issues. As you said, and as your caller said, you cannot simply dump your kids off at ANY school and never take part in their education and think you're "raising" them. Part of growing up is learning that there are things you see every day that are just plain wrong, and that you have to choose what you can or should do about it, and how things affect you. Our kids are also active in their church youth group; Boy Scouts; and baseball both spring and fall. They are expected to become Eagle Scouts. They both earned the highest Cub Scout award possible. Both are in Honor Society (one is Elementary Honor Society, the other in Junior Honor Society). They are expected to earn the milestone awards in church that indicate that they are making spiritual progress, involving learning, teaching, and serving. Regardless of which school they went to, I would still want them in these programs, because no school can provide the other experiences that they need to become well-rounded men. They help prepare, plant, nurture, and harvest the garden. My 13-year-old is learning to drive a stick shift because we live on a large piece of land and he will eventually need to learn to drive a tractor. Even going to church is not enough to ensure that they are learning the lessons that will give them the tools to face the moral issues that are prevalent in our society, we try to make sure that we are grabbing teaching moments whenever they arise. We have a long way to go on some things; but the displacement in our life that would be required to get them to private school for the same level of education they are getting would cause us to not be able to provide the other experiences that are adding great value to their lives. Something would have to give, either scouts or sports, for no advantage in academics. Additionally, when something inappropriate occurs at school, they are not afraid to discuss it with us, and we can use it as a teaching moment, they get the chance, under the umbrella of a safe environment, to learn about choices and consequences, to learn critical thinking about moral issues, to have these things come up in real-life situations and hear what their friends say and then to hear us tell our view from our experiences. We are not raising kids to go out into the 1970's. The skills and tools they need are quite different from the ones we needed, and even then we were probably not adequately prepared; I don't think it is possible to enter adulthood adequately prepared. I know my kids are kids, i know they don't tell me everything that goes on. But there's also not a lot they can hide for very long, and they know that. The other thing you need to remember is that for every union jerk in public schools, there are a lot of very dedicated teachers who often have to skirt the rules to do the right thing. They're fighting a similar battle, they have to be babysitters to kids whose parents don't care, and so they do the best they can. I feel that as long as my kids are making academic progress that matches the national standards, and I can supplement it with other activities, they are serving well if they can be a light and a standard bearer to other kids.

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