Few “Seniors” Online?…

First off, I dislike the term “seniors” because it pigeonholes people into a group with “expected” overall grop behavior.

“Seniors” do seem to be under-represented in the online world, and I think I can explain why.

In the old days, people communicated socially through snail mail and telephones. These people are “wired” to communicate through phone
calls and snail mail. They are also “wired” consume mass media like TV, radio and newspapers in a passive way. Many of them deliberately don’t want to change (don’t have a computer and don’t want one), therefore they don’t participate online and cannot see the benefits of doing so, plain and simple. They are still living in the old snail mail telephone world, whereas a brand new unrecognizable world has sprung up around them they know little or nothing about. Often this is deliberate on their part. I’ve got plenty of elderly relatives that have had it suggested to them over and over they should get a computer, and they keep refusing. A few of them even refuse to get cell phones! They continue to socialize in the same limited ways people socialized back before computers, therefore they live limited lives and the benefits of technology and the new socially interactive media are lost on them.

“Don’t participate, get left behind” is how the world works.

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