1665 A Dire Warning

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Foundation of Human Understanding

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3 thoughts on “1665 A Dire Warning

  1. Tom, I may be on the wrong podcast episode but I have to question your support of governor walker in Wisconsin. He violated the public employees contract by increasing their pension and health cost. I am not saying they do not need to be cut but how would you like to find out in the middle of your next trip that you now have to pay for something you agreed with your boss that he would pay for? Is going back on a contract moral? He should have waited until the current contract expired and took a stand on the increased cost at that time.

    I also don’t understand you or your speaker’s idea on how God has abandoned America. When was God ever on any nation’s side since Israel in olden time. Who does He favor in war? What does a nation have to do with an individual’s salvation? God doesn’t care about nations he cares about individuals. Jesus preached that we are not of this world. He sent his disciples to all the earth; this alone is sufficient enough to prove that he didn’t favor one nation over another. Did Jesus rail against Rome? Jesus’ message is a Gospel of salvation of the individual through Him. Name one nation that flourished because it was a Godly nation …..Name one Godly nation. America has been denying God since it was created. You had as many atheists as God fearing men create this country. They even denied Him in the Treaty of Tripoli in 1797

    Jesus’ Gospel is not a health and wealth Gospel. There is no guarantee of prosperity. You disparaged all of the poor saints of this world; is their faith not good enough? Is that why they are poor? I don’t think so. Religion plays no role in who is rich or not and many rich people are the scum of the earth.

    In Christ

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    2. Thanks for the response. Men can and do argue over what is right and wrong, but reality dominates in the end. We as a nation are broke. Money is a simple means of value transfer. Take money out of the equation, and we have people that work, producing real goods and services, and people sitting around producing nothing, living off of the pile of stuff that has been produced. Man\’s broken system has ended up idling too many hands leaving too many people sitting around consuming yet producing nothing. This is the reality, and reality dominates in the end.

      I make simple observations, not arguments. We are here as individuals to experience where sin leads. We are born in sin, meaning we are born with a bit of a distance between us and the identity that God offers. Every creature in this world but man has it\’s natural identity, but they are slaves of those identities. Man is free to choose. In a sense we as human beings are born with the wrong identity because our ancestors made the wrong identity choice. Salvation consists of us as individuals genuinely realizing where sin leads and crying out to God to save us from the wrong choice.

      We play god in our own minds by judging, or resenting, literally a \”puffing up\” of the ego. We attempt to murder in our minds by hurling mental thunderbolts. This resentment/judgement process literally separates us from the individual unique identity that God offers us. The next step towards self-degredation is to start making excuses to Conscience for judgement, and to try to become proud of the resulting externalized identities. Thus, we end up with various sorts of \”pride\” marches — for example, a \”pride\” march to show \”pride\” in killing babies via abortion.

      Group identities result from commonly shared resentments. People who resent work end up in labor unions.

      The more separated we are from reality, the more absurd and dysfunctional we become.

      The only hope one has of seeing these things for oneself is to give up judgement/resentment. At that point the individual man or woman can see these things for themselves. In the end, individuals must see these things for themselves. Taking someone else\’s word for anything is ultimately meaningless.

      The entire point of our existence revolves around us as individuals being able to find the truth. We aren\’t here to pleasure ourselves or have maximum prosperity, nor are we here to lie to each other as a means of bolstering each other\’s excuses. There are no mechanical man-made rules that guarantee salvation.

      If you continue to listen perhaps you can begin to understand where I\’m coming from.

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