Obama Long Form Birth Certificate PDF Opens In Layers

The long form birth certificate PDF file provided by the White House websitE does something curious. When the White House file is downloaded and opened up in Adobe Illustrator, when you click on it a bunch of layer outlines show up. To me this is incredibly suspicious and unbelievably incompetent. Has it been photoshopped? You be the judge…

Obama long form birth certificate, opened in Adobe Illustrator and then simply clicked on with a single mouse click. Someone has been doing some doctoring and then failed to even cover their digital tracks...

This is reminiscent of the faked National Guard documents that were supposed to be the National Guard records of George W. Bush. The faked documents were created in Microsoft Word, which didn’t even exist when Bush was in the National Guard. Whoever created them ran them through a copy machine a few times to make them appear dirty and old. Incompetence !!!!!

2 thoughts on “Obama Long Form Birth Certificate PDF Opens In Layers

    1. Why are you so angry? Is your anger and slurry of foul words going to convince me of anything other than your apparent lack of stability?

      Calm down. Why are you so threatened?

      If something as trivial as this upsets you to this degree, then what's going to happen when we hit $7 or higher gasoline prices, you lose your job and can barely feed yourself?

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