VMware Fusion…

After hearing about it on a podcast, yesterday I downloaded a program for Mac OS/X called VMware Fusion Mac. I must say I’m VERY impressed with it’s ability to run Windows inside of Mac OS/X in a virtual machine software environment. VMware Fusion does everything the Parallels program does, but does it with less hassle and makes far more effective, efficient use of system resources.

The Parallels program uses lots of CPU horsepower with Windows just setting there open in a virtual machine. VMware Fusion is able to run Windows in a virtual machine that doesn’t require nearly as much CPU horsepower.

I can use a program like Adobe Audition inside of VMware Fusion and I get good performace out of it

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. If I run the same Adobe Audition inside of a Parallels virtual machine, I get poor performace to the point of unusability.

Overall, VMware Fusion is currently the best virtualization software out there for Mac OS/X.

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