Trucker Tom Podcast #1330 — Listener Feedback

1330 Listener Feedback…

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How would you get food if you lose your job or our monetary system ends up in a state of hyperinflation? About 50% of people grew most of their own food during the Great Depression. Today only an estimated 1% of people grow their own food or even know how. Have the satisfaction that comes from growing your own food.

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2 thoughts on “Trucker Tom Podcast #1330 — Listener Feedback

  1. Thank you for posting the podcast "How to lose what we have". We are very close to doing what it showed in the video now. If we do not stop Obama in November he will ruin America for generations.

    1. I agree, America is in great danger and has been for some time. It's easy to blame people like Obama, but the real problem is moral/cultural decay/rot that has infected our country like an invading fungal blight. I believe one of the biggest problems that has lead to the precarious position in which we find ourselves is a large percentage of children born outside of marriage and in many cases not knowing who the Dad is. Kids born into that sort of environment are far more suggestible, and are therefore more easily scammed by lying politicians — dangerous enemies begin to look like friends, and friends like enemies. Even if we turn things around in the short term we've still got the major problem of over 50% of all kids born in America being born outside of marriage. Those kids are fodder for a future dictatorship. Their parents threw their kids futures away for a few seconds' worth of pleasure.

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