I purchased an HP EX495 Windows Home Server

HP EX485 Windows Home Server

I also purchased this $17 dollar Windows Media Center remote control. It requires no software, and works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows Seven versions of Windows Media Center. It also gives a remote-controlled mouse complete with left and right-clicking capability. It comes with the remote control, an infrared USB dongle, and two “AAA” batteries to power the remote. This remote really makes Windows Media Center usable, particularly if you have the computer attached to a large flat panel LCD HDTV.

Windows Media Center Remote Control with USB dongle

3 thoughts on “I purchased an HP EX495 Windows Home Server

  1. Hey Tom – Sounds pretty slick there, I knew you were going to buy the server when I heard you describe it in the last podcast:-) Did you end up ordering it from somewhere or were you able to pick one up while on the road?

    Arnold In NC

    1. Arnold, I ordered the server through Amazon.Com. Hopefully it will show up on Tuesday. I came close to ordering it on Thursday but I simply ran out of time and had to get moving, so I didn't get to order it until Friday.

  2. Sounds cool – hopefully they get you home so you can play with it. Maybe you could do one of your unveiling videos? Speaking of that are you going to ever do more "sound seeing" tours on the podcast? I kind of miss those:-) Going to build a "crystal radio" with my 5 year old today, should be interesting….

    Have FUN
    Arnold In NC

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