Trucker Tom Podcast #1326 — Fix It

1326 Fix It…

HP EX485 Windows Home Server

I also purchased this $17 dollar Windows Media Center remote control. It requires no software, and works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows Seven versions of Windows Media Center. It also gives a remote-controlled mouse complete with left and right-clicking capability. It comes with the remote control, an infrared USB dongle, and two “AAA” batteries to power the remote. This remote really makes Windows Media Center usable, particularly if you have the computer attached to a large flat panel LCD HDTV.

Windows Media Center Remote Control with USB dongle

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Channel Erk

Mark Vanderburg’s Gun Rights Radio Network

Foundation of Human Understanding

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How would you get food if you lose your job or our monetary system ends up in a state of hyperinflation? About 50% of people grew most of their own food during the Great Depression. Today only an estimated 1% of people grow their own food or even know how. Have the satisfaction that comes from growing your own food.

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