Trucker Tom Podcast #1156 — Tech or Politics?

1156 Tech or Politics?…

Tech or Politics?

Obama disapproval on health care up to 52 percent

Obama heckled by GOP during speech: ‘You lie!’

US Girl Scouts prepare for war, pestilence

Google plans new mirror for cheaper solar power

Hubble Butterfly Nebula

Space butterfly — Hubble’s Best Image Yet

September 9, 1999: Steve Jobs Joins the Gap Board of Directors

Apple’s September 9th Event Redux

Apple puts iTunes on Facebook with free downloads

Apple ups iPod classic to 160GB; shuffle sports headphone options

Apple announces iPod nano with camera, FM tuner, pedometer

Apple unveils 64GB iPod touch with faster processor for $399

Apple unveils cleaner iTunes 9 with app management, LPs, and more

Steve Jobs returns to stage at annual Apple music event

Hubble back in business, NASA shows off new pictures

Comcast’s Burke: TV Everywhere trials going national in 30 to 60 days

AT&T Offers Update On 7.2 Mbps HSPA

Sprint ‘about to serve up something big’

Australia Overtakes U.S. in Per Capita Carbon-Dioxide Emissions

USB Mosquito Repeller Stick

USB Mosquito Stick Claims You’ll Be Malaria-Free On a Laptop Safari

Forrester Study Offers Plan To Save Music Industry

Mozilla Releases Firefox 3.5.3 with Security and Stability Fixes

Google Micropayments Coming: Can It Save Newspapers?

Microsoft unveils its thinnest Bluetooth-powered Keyboard

New research discovers worker bees in ‘reproductive class war’ with queen

High fruit and vegetable intake positively correlated with antioxidant status, cognitive performance

Complete Genomics deciphers 14 human genomes

Findings could lead to improved lip-reading training for the deaf and hard-of-hearing

Link found between common sexual infection and risk of aggressive prostate cancer

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