Daily Archives: December 5, 2010

The 21st Century Dark Age

American morals have been in heavy decline since the 1960’s. One statistic is all that’s needed to tell the story — over 50% of all children born in America are born outside of marriage. Immoral people are suggestible people. Immoral people cry out for a dictator to curb their base, weird appetites. When morality becomes the exception rather than the majority rule, dictatorship is the inevitable outcome. America as it was founded requires a majority of moral, self-directing people. Majority immorality leads directly to the type of malignant enslaving government America has today. Immoral Americans, enjoy your slavery! Your behavior demands it, and now you are getting it in spades.

Changing leaders from one immorality-coddling political party to another is not the real solution. As long as those who are doing the changing — the voters — refuse to examine their own moral shortcomings, we will continue to get precisely the government we deserve.

Humanity may well plunge into a brand new dark age. Americans, know that your refusal to see your own character flaws will directly cause future generations to suffer unimaginable depths of depravity.

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