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1433 Listener Voice Feedback, Ayn Rand Interview

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Think Geek by Thomas R. Wiles

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3PL Radio Network

PT Cruiser Cast Podcast — A video podcast all about the PT Cruiser

Michael W. Moss Post It Cast Podcast

The Uncommon Sense Podcast

Channel Erk

Mark Vanderburg’s Gun Rights Radio Network

Foundation of Human Understanding

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On The Radio

I ended up spending 2 hours on the air earlier today with my good friend Michael Zwerling on his show the “Saturday Special” on AM 1080 KSCO out of Santa Cruz, California.

A repeat of the “Saturday Special” 2 hour broadcast will occur at November 13, 2010 at 10:00 PM Pacific time. Here’s a link to the live KSCO stream:


Adobe Audition Mac Free Beta Download

Making the switch to Mac OS/X a few years ago as my primary computing platform was not without its sacrifices. Among these was Adobe Audition. Sure, I could use Audition in a Windows virtual machine, but it just wasn’t the same thing and entailed its own sacrifices.

Sacrifice no more. Adobe finally heeded the call for Audition for Mac OS/X, and has released a public beta that can currently be downloaded for free available at


After a cursory look at this new beta, I’m impressed. They seem to have succeeded in bringing the Adobe Audition user interface I love in Windows to OS/X. I’ll be buying the final product once it is released for sale to the public.

New Advertiser Dog.Com

I am proud to introduce a new advertiser to my podcast, Dog.Com.

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A list of advertisers can be found at: