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Trucker Tom Podcast #1184 — Malignant Tumor, Brain Cancer

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Malignant Tumor, Brain Cancer

I just came up with the perfect analogy. Let’s say that someone gets a malignant brain tumor. The tumor at first grows unnoticed and pretty much ignored. The malignant parasite then gets to a certain size, and depending on the nature of the tumor, may begin putting pressure on things that cause radical problems both in the brain and in the greater body at large.

The United States of America has had pre-cancerous cells for many years — people who saw wrong as right and right as wrong. Too many of us didn’t want to rock the boat. Maybe we were afraid of getting fired if it was our boss. Or perhaps if it was a wife husbands were afraid of getting cut off from the flow of sex and food. Or perhaps it was a friend that we were afraid of offending lest they cut off the flow of stroking our slimy egos.

Those pre-cancerous cells compromised the country’s immune system — thus we essentially flung open the borders and allowed in any illegal aliens to come in that wanted in — opportunistic “germs” from Mexico and elsewhere that could come in and infect or even join the malignancy.

The U.S. now has a malignant political brain tumor that’s really beginning to disrupt the function of the country. Like a real cancer tumor, it’s taking every body resource it can get it’s hands on. It’s size, demands and pressure is beginning to disrupt normal government functions as well as economic (body) functions.

A real malignant brain tumor parasite will keep growing and ultimately kill it’s host’s body. The same thing is true for our malignant political brain tumor.

The next time you try to argue common sense with someone and they simply won’t see what you are trying to tell them, calmly tell them that this country has a growing cancer, that they are part of it, and that you don’t want to hear their malignant diatribes.

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People Watching

Buck and Winnie statue at Harrah's Las Vegas, Nevada casino.

I’ve spent the past few days here in Las Vegas, Nevada. I came for the 2009 Blogworld New Media Expo.

Las Vegas is quite an amazing place. Quite frankly, I could care less about gambling — it doesn’t do a thing for me. Also, gambling casinos have popped up all over the country, so gambling itself is really nothing unique. However, Las Vegas is more than simply about gambling. Many of the giant casino resort hotels themselves are living/breathing works of art. The building architecture on display in Las Vegas is nothing short of stunning.

Las Vegas has it all, if a human condition can possibly exist, it most certainly exists in Las Vegas.

I’ve always been an observer of people — I’m not sure why, it’s just something I seem to have been born with. In one of the many casinos I walked through in the past few days, I happened to notice a couple of elderly women that were obviously friends sitting at adjacent slot machines. One of them had to step away from her slot machine for a minute or two, and I was amazed to watch her hurry back into the chair with exactly the same body language of a young girl eagerly jumping back into a chair to play with a toy or video game.

Las Vegas also has a fair amount of sleaze on display. In some cases shapely female dancers are right out on display in the front of bars so they can be seen from the street. I personally am not enticed by this type of thing, but something tells me that it needs to exist, and I’m glad there’s a place the world can go to see it.

Las Vegas reflects the greater world at large. It really is a world tourist destination. Tourists are present from every country of the world. I heard several languages I could easily identify being spoken and many that I couldn’t.

I shot a bunch of video this afternoon and this evening, and hope to put out another FindingAmericaHD episode soon.

To the prudes of the world that won’t come here because it does reflect the decadence of humanity, you are missing out. Las Vegas is simply a reflection of human beings — sure, there’s a certain seamy underside, but also reflected are the highest aspirations of art, culture, cuisine, architecture, etc. Many things seem a bit over-priced, but I’ll definitely be back.