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Trucker Tom Podcast #1095 — NYC Listener Meet Up !!!

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1195 McDonald Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

This is a Google Map Street View of the place where I had to unload, 1195 McDonald Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, of course smack dab in New York City. As you can see from the picture, this is one of the worst possible places to take a 75-foot-long truck to make a delivery.

Drory Nadev

Believe it or not I have a podcast listener, Drory Nadev, that is from New York City and he was nice enough to help me find the place where I unloaded and hung out with me for a few hours while I was there. That worked out really well. The place I went was close to being one of the worst places you could imagine to take a truck. Here’s a picture of it from Google Maps Street View. I had to back in in-between the overhead rail bridge pillars with the back of my trailer up on the sidewalk about where those small trucks are parket in the picture. The front of my truck was out in the roadway a bit but the traffic could still get around it okay. What a place !!!!

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