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Eating lunch.

Lunch buffet.

Break finished, ate lunch, ready to go again.


Loaded next load here.


Stopped to eat.

Eating lunch after picking next load up at Portland, Maine on my way to deliver to Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

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This Oklahoma Highway Patrollman Needs To Be Fired

Oklahoma Highway Patrol fight with EMT

We are in America, right? I’m beginning to wonder…

American capitalism gone with a whimper – Pravda.Ru

American capitalism gone with a whimper – Pravda.Ru.

Leave it to the Russians to simply state the truth. How ironic that we ended up getting burried with the pounding of a shoe after Marxism collapsed in Russia.

The majority of American citizens are so selfish and stupified that Marxism is advancing with breathtaking speed. Is […]

Trucker Tom Podcast #1079 — Government Wants To Inventory Your Life

1079 Government Wants To Inventory Your Life…


Have the satifaction that comes from growing your own food.

666 equals 2/3rds — when the percentage of hopelessly brainwashed people hits 2/3’s in a society or the world, write it off, it’s finished.

Always get the latest episode […]

Couple: County Trying To Stop Home Bible Studies – San Diego News Story – KGTV San Diego

Couple: County Trying To Stop Home Bible Studies – San Diego News Story – KGTV San Diego.

Here’s a story about a San Diego pastor and his wife where San Diego county is trying to stop their home Bible study. This is absolutely outrageous.

Knowing what I know, if I lived in or near […]