Monthly Archives: November 2008

All Discount Offers In One Convenient Place…

I was on the phone with Justin from Mevio.Com today and as a result I can make a couple of announcements.

First of all, there’s now a single aggregated site where ALL of the discount advertising offers that I offer with Mevio can be accessed in ONE place. The site is:

But wait, there’s more !!! Not only can you access my site from there, but you can also play the latest episode of my podcast directly from that page, which makes it quite convenient for direct immediate access to my latest daily episode.

I’m not done yet. I’ve also decided to make it even more convenient. I just purchased a new domain name and forwarded it to the site, making it easier than ever. Just go to:

to get immediate access to my latest podcast episode, and also to all of my discount offers.