Daily Archives: June 8, 2008

PixelBiker.Com Site Now Up…

My new http://www.pixelbiker.com site is now up and active.

PixelBiker.Com is a social advertising site I’ve set up in order to generate money to help fund an extended cross-country podcasting motorcycle trip. I plan on podcasting each day of the trip once it takes place.

Now that the site is set up, I will start actively promoting the site as much as possible.

The concept behind the extended cross-country motorcycle trip revolves around the fact that most people don’t have the time or opportunity to make a trip like this. By me making the trip, people following along via my podcast will be able to get a sense of what I’m experiencing each day during the trip. I want to make this as fun of an experience for people following along as I possibly can.

If you have any suggestions as to where I should go on the trip or what I should make a point of checking out in a specific area of the country, or suggestions about how I can improve the PixelBiker.Com site, email me directly at tomwiles@gmail.com.