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Broke Down…

Broke Down…

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Photo I took when I was stopped for about an hour on the north bound side of I-476 in Pennsylvania just south of the long traffic tunnels. The electrical system seemed to have lost its ground. I contacted the company breakdown department and they said to go back to the Allentown, PA Freightliner dealer and get the truck checked out the next morning. I made the suggestion that if I could try to make it to a T/A Truck Stop repair shop on I-80, which is in fact what ended up happening.

Occasionally I get asked…

Occasionally I get asked if my original podcasts are still available to listen to on the Internet and if so, where are they. Most of them are still out there.

The original early files are linked at:

Work backwards to the earliest posts, and then move forward through them. Follow the links in the post to find the next set of files. You should be able to find links to most of the first 100 episodes.

After that, I moved my feed to:

And after that, I moved my feed to Podshow, where the feed still lives, available at:

Happy listening!!!