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Clintons Using Saul Alinsky Tactics Against Obama…

Nut job Socialist Saul Alinsky

The Clintons are using Saul Alinsky tactics to destroy and marginalize Barack Obama. They are using a tag-team approach to ridicule Obama’s race.

According to Alinsky, public ridicule is nearly impossible for someone to overcome. The Clintons are systematically forcing Obama into a racial corner and potentially destroying the Democrat party in the process as they appeal to existing racists in the Democrat party. In order to use this Alinsky tactic, one must be completely soul less, without Conscience. The Clintons are total sociopaths, completely free of Conscience. This allows them to destroy anyone that gets in their way, without any penalty of remorse.

Ohio Socialist Youth Program…

This story of forced public school uniforms in an Ohio school is reminiscient of the “Hitler Youth” program of Nazi Germany.

It should be called the “Socialist Youth Program.”