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Windows XP Running Inside Vista…

Here’s Windows XP running inside a VMware Player virtual machine on Windows Vista. This allows me to use software that won’t work properly on Vista inside the virtual machine running on top of Vista

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. Pretty cool trick, eh?

Windows XP running in a VMware Player virtual machine inside Vista.

Night Of The Living Democrats…

Here’s a movie called “Night Of The Living Democrats” starring me Trucker Tom as the Soothsayer and my friend Jeff a.k.a

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. TruckerTwoTimes as the Lady TruckerTwoTimes In Distress

Dan Rather Can’t Decide…

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Here’s a clip of fired CBS news anchor Dan Rather taking more than 16 minutes to decide whether he should wear a coat or not in the broadcast he’s about to do, and furthermore if he should have the collar up or down…

Katie Couric Vanity Clip…

Check out this clip of Katie Couric waiting to go live

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. This is what the talking heads on TV are REALLY like, not the plastic, fake and phony “on camera” performance that you usually see.

Across America On Horseback…

Oregon rancher Bill Inman is riding horseback across America

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. Here’s the website:


Something went VERY VERY VERY wrong with my Windows XP installation late last night. It got to where it wouldn’t reboot completely, even in safe mode.

Fortunately, I still have a hard drive that has Windows Vista Premium on it so it was a simple matter of swapping out drives and I was immediately back up and running. After all of the updates from Microsoft over the past several months I must say Windows Vista does seem to be working quite well now.

Once I retrieve the data off the corrupted XP drive I’ll likely wipe it once again and reinstall for the fourth time the Windows XP Media Center it came with

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. I’ll make sure I can do that when I have time and bandwidth to download the scores of updates from Microsoft.

Now that I think about it, most of my Windows installations over the years have ended with having to reinstall.

Hillary Plants Questioners…

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College student was urged to ask Hillary a planted question interviewed by CNN:

Hillary denies:

Hillbilly Children…

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8 years after Bill Clinton left Washington, D.C.

Hillbilly children...

Unbelievable Horse…

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Hill-Billy Clinton

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Hill-Billy Clinton