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  • Bridgestone appoints new v.p. of marketing for commercial tire business
    NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Eric Higgs has been named the new vice-president of marketing for Bridgestone Americas’s commercial tire business. Going forward, Higgs will be responsible for leading the marketing strategy and efforts for the commercial group, and will have direct marketing leadership…
  • Total costs continue to increase: CGFI
    TORONTO, Ont. — Total Cost of ground transportation for Canadian Shippers increased by 1.5% in March when compared to February according to results published today by the Canadian General Freight Index (CGFI).  The Base Rate Index also increased by 2…
  • Superior Propane lives up to its name
    With a name like Superior Propane it’s almost necessary to deliver the best in the business. Superior means better than the rest. Better service, better drivers, better product – and that’s what the company strives for – and feels it has achieved,…
  • Dalton undercover: Part 5
    THE STORY SO FAR Bud convinces Mark to go undercover at a trucking firm to see if he can help stop cargo thefts from the company. Mark is hired by Chenai Trucking and shows up to take on his first…
  • Cool runnings
    What to consider when buying a refrigerated trailer
  • A new engine oil era
    As new engine oil category draws near, uncertainty remains about backwards compatibility
  • Three things to include in your tax plan
    With personal income tax-filing season over, it’s time to talk to your accountant or financial advisor about tax planning. This is where your accountant earns his keep. There’s no shortage of people who can prepare a tax return, but a…
  • Make sure you don’t skip a beet
    As we enjoy the warmer temperatures of spring, we also enjoy the fresh vegetables that come along with the season. One spring vegetable, the beet, offers colour, flavour and health benefits in every bite, whether you are enjoying a serving…
  • PMTC’s initial thoughts on MELT
    Those of us who call this great country our home, always look forward to the arrival of spring and summer, for obvious weather-related reasons. We at the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) look forward to this time of…
  • Carbon pricing key to fighting climate change
    Recently, Canada became a signatory to the Paris Agreement on climate change. Signing the agreement is not the same as ratification, but that is expected to occur this fall after the federal and provincial governments reach their own accord on…
  • Some tips for the lobby groups
    I can be critical of certain groups. No kidding. Most of my criticism is usually aimed at either large carriers, or the provincial, state or national trucking associations. Arguably, this is the same group, since large carriers and the prominent…
  • Board or bolt? The 90-day dilemma
    It never ceases to amaze me how long we’ve been talking about some of trucking’s most pressing issues. As far back as the 1920s, for example, there were concerns about the lack of competent, quality truck drivers, as I discovered…
  • Expect real returns on training investments
    Training programs can accurately be described as an investment that can deliver real, measurable financial returns when those who crunch numbers for a living might see training as a “cost” of doing business. Fleet managers are often surprised by the…
  • Is trucking really a lifestyle?
    Although I have used the description myself, I’m tiring of truck driving being promoted as a “lifestyle.” Trucking is a field of specialized training (profession) not a set of attitudes (lifestyle), in my opinion. Or is it both? For every…
  • An elephant invasion
    Truckers are avoiding tolls on Montreal’s A30 ring road, but at what cost?
  • Not in the budget
    Newfoundland fleet scramble to adapt as provincial budget cuts trucking industry deep
  • Step up and break the stereotype
    You know the stereotype: Truckers eat too much, don’t exercise enough and die too young. A quick look around your business and you likely see how the stereotype came about. Nearly 40% of the people on this continent do no…
  • The evolution of the maintenance manager
    There was a new addition this year, to what was already one of the busiest weeks in the Canadian trucking industry. I’m referring, of course, to Truck World, and for the first time ever the addition of the Canadian Fleet…
  • JBT Transport launches campaign to help Fort Mac victims
    AYR, Ont. —  JBT Transport is the latest transportation company to join relief efforts to help Fort McMurray wildfire evacuees. The company has recently launched the Stuff-A-JBT Truck Campaign where it is asking Waterloo Region residents and businesses to help…
  • Under siege
    Trucking industry from coast to coast rallies to help Ft. Mac victims

Windows XP Running Inside Vista…

Here’s Windows XP running inside a VMware Player virtual machine on Windows Vista. This allows me to use software that won’t work properly on Vista inside the virtual machine running on top of Vista. Pretty cool trick, eh?

Night Of The Living Democrats…

Here’s a movie called “Night Of The Living Democrats” starring me Trucker Tom as the Soothsayer and my friend Jeff a.k.a. TruckerTwoTimes as the Lady TruckerTwoTimes In Distress


Dan Rather Can’t Decide…

Here’s a clip of fired CBS news anchor Dan Rather taking more than 16 minutes to decide whether he should wear a coat or not in the broadcast he’s about to do, and furthermore if he should have the collar up or down…


Katie Couric Vanity Clip…

Check out this clip of Katie Couric waiting to go live. This is what the talking heads on TV are REALLY like, not the plastic, fake and phony “on camera” performance that you usually see.

Across America On Horseback…

Oregon rancher Bill Inman is riding horseback across America. Here’s the website:


Something went VERY VERY VERY wrong with my Windows XP installation late last night. It got to where it wouldn’t reboot completely, even in safe mode.

Fortunately, I still have a hard drive that has Windows Vista Premium on it so it was a simple matter of swapping out drives and I was immediately back […]

Hillary Plants Questioners…

College student was urged to ask Hillary a planted question interviewed by CNN:

Hillary denies:

Hillbilly Children…

8 years after Bill Clinton left Washington, D.C.

Unbelievable Horse…

Hill-Billy Clinton