Daily Archives: July 14, 2007

Find Apple TV HD 720p Video Podcasts Here…

Here’s a link to my Apple TV 720p HD video podcast aggregation feed:


I am ONLY adding Apple TV HD 1280 x 720 video podcasts to this feed — anything that claims to be Apple TV HD but isn’t 1280 x 720 resolution won’t make the cut. So you can subscribe to the feed in iTunes or another podcast aggregator such as Juice and be assured that ONLY 1280 x 720 videos will come through on this feed.

I’ll be adding new Apple TV HD video podcasts as I find them, so if you are subscribed to this feed you will automatically receive them.

If you know of any Apple TV HD 1280 x 720 podcasts that you think I might be interested in adding to this feed, email me at tomwiles@gmail.com.