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Podcast Awards Voting…

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It’s time now for the next few days to vote every 24 hours for your favorite podcasts at

My podcast “Trucker Tom” is located at the bottom of the page in the Travel category.

Digital Voice Corresponding…

Scott, a listener to my podcast, sent in a voice clip and talked about the practice of digital voice correspondence

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. It’s quite interesting and has social similarities to podcasting.

You can check out Scott’s page that explains the concept here:

Sound Seeing Tour Now Has Video…

A few days ago I did an audio sound-seeing tour of a desert parking area in California along I-40

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. Here’s the audio version:

Here is the video version of the same sound seeing tour.

Do the visuals match the images in your head that were created from listening to the audio only version?

L.A. To New York Video…

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This is a very cool video I found on YouTube.

Podcasts & Infinite Choice…

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At one time I was big into listening to the radio and music, but over time I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t listen to much music at all, I just lost interest in much of it.

There are so many podcast choices out there I can’t imagine having to go back to the choice of radio or listening to music.

I think it comes down to the fact that there are many, many more interesting people in the world to listen to via podcasts, and they are infinitely more interesting to listen to than are the “chosen” than end up on the radio.

Find Apple TV HD 720p Video Podcasts Here…

Here’s a link to my Apple TV 720p HD video podcast aggregation feed:


I am ONLY adding Apple TV HD 1280 x 720 video podcasts to this feed — anything that claims to be Apple TV HD but isn’t 1280 x 720 resolution won’t make the cut

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. So you can subscribe to the feed in iTunes or another podcast aggregator such as Juice and be assured that ONLY 1280 x 720 videos will come through on this feed.

I’ll be adding new Apple TV HD video podcasts as I find them, so if you are subscribed to this feed you will automatically receive them.

If you know of any Apple TV HD 1280 x 720 podcasts that you think I might be interested in adding to this feed, email me at

Windows Woes…

I’ve just about HAD IT with Windows

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. At times like this I start to think it’s the most frustrating piece of junk software ever written.

It started out innocently enough — I needed to scan some documents so I could fax them in today before Midnight so I get a paycheck next week.

Plug in the HP 1400 series scanner/printer. Turn it on. “New Hardware Found” pops up. UUUUGGGGHHHH !!!!!! But the hardware isn’t new!!!! I installed the HP driver for it a few months ago — come to think of it, more than once. What the hell is this ?????

Windows has the amazing ability to somehow “forget” USB devices that haven’t been plugged in and used in a while.

My next computer is NOT going to have Windows as its primary operating system !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Podcast Awards…

I generally am not a big fan of voting and awards, however I’m making an exception for this one

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. If you feel inclined to do so, please nominate the Trucker Tom Podcast at the following link:

Remember, you can only nominate podcasts one time only. Read the rules carefully. People with more than one nomination session will result in all their nominations being thrown out, even if they are for different categories. So in other words, if you go to the above link be prepared to fill out every category before you press “Submit” unless you intentionally want to leave some categories blank.