Monthly Archives: May 2007

American Culture Self-aborted…

I think I know one reason why our government actually wants more emmigrants. America’s future was aborted back in 1973. Since abortion was legalized and promoted by the Supreme Court, millions and millions of American lives were aborted by selfish people of the “baby boom” generation who wanted it all for themselves. The government transfer payment schemes such as Social Security will collapse under their own weight, because millions upon millions of aborted people aren’t working and paying into the system. Some key people in the government want the Mexicans to come and work and pay into the system in hopes that it will keep the social transfer payment system from completely collapsing.

So America has essentially aborted its own culture. The chickens are now coming home to roost, and it’s time to pay the piper.


America has descended into a nation of smart cows. That’s how our politicians look at us. They know just what words to say in order to appeal to our selfishness and how to elicit the knee-jerk reactions that serves their purposes.

Unfortunately, there are too few real human beings, and too many sub-human smart cows. Even smart cattle need to be herded.

Smart Cattle

Gmail Solves My Spam Problem…

A couple of weeks ago or so I started routing all of my email accounts through my main Gmail account due to endless SPAM messages. I am really impressed with the job Gmail is doing to filter out spam. It’s really quite amazing.

Hey Google, now that you’ve solved the SPAM email problem, how about coming out with a computer operating system?