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New Pocket PC Phone Skin…

Here’s a new pocket PC Phone skin.

New Pocket PC Phone Skin

A certain company named after fruit is going ballistic

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. Check out this article for details:–handhelds/iphone-skins-irk-apple/2007/01/15/1168709656280.html

TV’s With Built-in Ethernet and WiFi?…

This Podshow press release talks about “PodShowTV Optimized for AMD LIVE! Solution To Bring ‘Networked Entertainment’ into the Home.”

Imagine if your new TV came with a built-in Ethernet port and/or built-in WiFi, no separate “IPTV” or other external boxes or devices necessary for you to receive television and other programming directly off the Internet

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. No other antennas necessary — just a broadband Internet connection — that idea has got to be driving the folks that own traditional television and radio broadcast towers nuts… Stay tuned !!!

Kids Kicked Off School Bus For Speaking English…

Welcome to Socialist Utopia

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. Kids were kicked off of a school bus in Minneapolis, Minnesota for speaking English — that’s right — ENGLISH. It’s clear to me that sending kids to public school in America is the equivalent of child abuse. Here’s the article:

Kids Kicked Off School Bus In Minneapolis, Minnesota For Speaking English...

Animated Frappr Map…

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Podcast Blackout?

I’m on my way from Minnesota to southern California. This means I will be passing through some areas where my Sprint PCS card has no service — no Internet connection = no ability to podcast. Also it means driving through Colorado on I-70 from Denver west. I don’t like doing that in the summertime, let alone the wintertime

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. If you don’t see any new podcasts for a couple of days you now know why.

Golden Cigar Award…

My friend Jeff, a.k.a. TruckerTwoTimes gave me his “Golden Cigar Award” earlier today when we were able to meet for lunch in Gary, Indiana and made a video

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. Here’s a still of me from the video:

Trucker Tom Receiving the

And the YouTube video:


The New World, Brought To You By Broadband…

Radio and TV station owners and managers have been used to getting people to essentially provide them with low-cost or even free air talent, as well as motivate and in some cases manipulate certian people into doing what they want. There’s this big “ego inflation” effect that radio and TV transmitters have traditionally had. This effect still holds sway with some people, but podcasting really does afford those who are diligent with it the opportunity to simply bypass the transmission tower and get to other people directly.

Podcasting works best if it’s looked at as just discovering and communicating with existing friends and potential friends. Some people try to start a podcast based around this or that topic because they think it will somehow “sell” better, but it really doesn’t work that way. It works best just being yourself. I can likely be friends with some people, but at the same time repel many others simply by saying what I think and being myself.

The majority of radio and TV “talent” is made up of performers rather than passionate people primarily because of the way the segmented time on radio is sliced and diced into tiny increments. Apart from Rush Limbaugh and perhaps a few others, people have a very hard time being passionate and genuine and still be good “performers.” The nature of podcasting bypasses all of it and will likely eventually completely shatter radio and TV as we know it today. Since podcasting is really just an extension of website technology, no one can ever get a podcast “monopoly” going. Even companies like Microsoft and Google with multiple billions of dollars behind them cannot create monopoly websites. The Internet just doesn’t work that way.

The ability of people to communicate directly with each other via idea structures and vehicles built on broadband Internet essentially wipes out million dollar printing presses, million dollar studios and million dollar transmitters.

Starting in 2006, existing advertising dollars started to pull away from traditional radio and TV ads and moving towards more effective Internet-based ads. About two years ago I got into a bit of an email debate with a radio ad guy who was downplaying podcasting as a threat to radio and TV early on. It makes me wonder what he is thinking now…

I just did a Google search for the term “radio advertising.” I clicked on one of the top sites that came up

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. I suggest you check it out. The tone of all the content to me sounds pretty bleak and desperate. Here’s the link: