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  • Pride Group CEO wins Entrepreneur of the Year Award
    BRAMPTON, Ont. — Sulakhan ‘Sam’ Johal, CEO of Pride Group Enterprises was named the winner of the Road Today Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the 8th Annual Road Today Show held in Brampton on May 28. The Road Today Excellence Awards…
  • TTSAO approves draft training standard for MELT
    HAMILTON, Ont. — The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) has announced it is finally endorsing the Ministry of Ontario’s draft standards on Mandatory Entry Level Driver Training (MELT) in Ontario. At first, the TTSAO did not want to endorse the draft as it was, but…
  • The truth about cold calling in the freight industry
    Cold Calling scares the living crap out of me!. Yes, the idea of picking up the phone and calling a stranger to build a relationship for the purpose of making a sale just terrifies me. Maybe my fear of rejection…
  • Want to toss your boss or co-worker off a building for charity?
    LONDON, Ont. — Trucking for Wishes, in partnership with Make-A -Wish Southwestern Ontario, is encouraging those in the trucking industry to nominate their boss or co-worker to rappel off the iconic 26-storey TD Tower in London, Ont. on June 17. The…
  • Hino Motors reveals 2017 258 model
    MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Hino Motors released its new high horsepower Hino 258 model recently. The new low profile truck is powered by Hino’s 7.6L diesel engine producing 230 horsepower and 520lb-ft of torque. A high horsepower engine option is available…
  • So, how do I – an Energy Analyst – predict petroleum prices?
     It is a rarity indeed when I feel the need to plead guilty to an over-exertion of negative enthusiasm (which is really a long definition of criticism) when I look back on several Weekly Energy Reports where I have torpedoed…
  • Transportation sales people: It’s your call
    Think back to the last deal you closed and ask you, “Who was the decision maker I had to reach and influence? How did I do it?“ The reason I asked you to think about that is because there will…
  • Customer service in the transportation industry stinks
    Customer service in the transportation industry stinks – that’s what my mentor Tom Peters, author of the blockbuster book, In Search of Excellence said many years ago. It must still be true because every time I write about poor customer service…
  • The best of the best
    The best Toronto drivers go head-to-head at the Regional Truck Driving Championships
  • Road Today Truck Show and Job Fair a success
      BRAMPTON, Ont. – Road Today’s 8th annual Truck Show and Job Fair was a success according to organizers. The truck show took place on Saturday, May 28 at Brampton’s Soccer Centre and featured more than 80 exhibitors. Exhibitors ranged…
  • Maxim raises $23K for CancerCare Manitoba
    WINNIPEG, Man. – Maxim Truck and Trailer raised $23,000 for CancerCare Manitoba Foundation’s Challenge for Life campaign during a May 26 barbecue at the company’s Winnipeg, Man. location, which saw roughly 600 people visit the charity event. “I’m proud of…
  • Improvements coming to B.C.’s Coquihalla Highway
    MERRITT, B.C. – B.C.’s Coquihalla Highway will soon see some major upgrades aimed at making the road safer for the commercial trucking industry on the busy corridor that links the Lower Mainland of the province with the rest of Canada.…
  • Five tire management tips for Tire Safety Week
    Suppliers offer tire care advice in advance of Tire Safety Week, International Roadcheck
  • Peterbilt expands refuse truck lineup
    DENTON, Texas  – Peterbilt Motors Company announced that it is expanding its refuse truck lineup with the new Model 520 that features new seating configurations for route collection versatility, enhanced styling and availability of the Paccar MX-11 engine. “Peterbilt has led…
  • Trison Tarps hosts third annual customer appreciation pig roast
    BRANTFORD, Ont. — For the third consecutive year, Trison Tarps thanked its customers and supporters by hosting a pig roast. Paul Vandenberg, president of Trison Tarps, has cooked more than 20 pigs on his custom-built smoker, mostly for charitable causes.…
  • Tallman Truck Centre to host Kemptville open house
    KEMPTVILLE, Ont. — Tallman Truck Centre is inviting customers to visit its newest facility during an open house June 10. The Kemptville dealership open house will run from 11 a.m. till 3 p.m. and will feature dealership tours, a free…
  • ATRI reveals results of sleep apnea survey
    ARLINGTON, Va. — The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) released the findings of its sleep apnea survey today. Data for the survey was collected from more than 800 commercial drivers. ARTI said it found a lot from the study. It…
  • The tough get going
    Economic times may be challenging but Kelsey Trail keeps on trucking
  • A woman’s touch
    New executive director of STA brings experience and passion
  • Why IFTA is like a trip to the dentist
    Does anyone like going to the dentist? Every visit means getting poked and prodded and then lectured about flossing. Lord help you if they bring out needles and drills. And once you’re done, you’re told to make an appointment so…

New Pocket PC Phone Skin…

Here’s a new pocket PC Phone skin.

A certain company named after fruit is going ballistic. Check out this article for details:–handhelds/iphone-skins-irk-apple/2007/01/15/1168709656280.html

TV’s With Built-in Ethernet and WiFi?…

This Podshow press release talks about “PodShowTV Optimized for AMD LIVE! Solution To Bring ‘Networked Entertainment’ into the Home.”

Imagine if your new TV came with a built-in Ethernet port and/or built-in WiFi, no separate “IPTV” or other external boxes or devices necessary for you to receive television and other programming directly off the Internet. […]

Kids Kicked Off School Bus For Speaking English…

Welcome to Socialist Utopia. Kids were kicked off of a school bus in Minneapolis, Minnesota for speaking English — that’s right — ENGLISH. It’s clear to me that sending kids to public school in America is the equivalent of child abuse. Here’s the article:


Animated Frappr Map…

Podcast Blackout?

I’m on my way from Minnesota to southern California. This means I will be passing through some areas where my Sprint PCS card has no service — no Internet connection = no ability to podcast. Also it means driving through Colorado on I-70 from Denver west. I don’t like doing that in the summertime, let […]

Golden Cigar Award…

My friend Jeff, a.k.a. TruckerTwoTimes gave me his “Golden Cigar Award” earlier today when we were able to meet for lunch in Gary, Indiana and made a video. Here’s a still of me from the video:

And the YouTube video:


The New World, Brought To You By Broadband…

Radio and TV station owners and managers have been used to getting people to essentially provide them with low-cost or even free air talent, as well as motivate and in some cases manipulate certian people into doing what they want. There’s this big “ego inflation” effect that radio and TV transmitters have traditionally had. This […]