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Eating lunch.

Lunch buffet.

Break finished, ate lunch, ready to go again.


Loaded next load here.


Stopped to eat.

Eating lunch after picking next load up at Portland, Maine on my way to deliver to Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

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December 2006
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    Impressive demonstrations in Europe hint of a transformational technology to come
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  • Trucking and the Internet of Things
    Getting a handle on the profound effect on how trucks are spec’ed, operated and maintained now and into the future
  • Legislated or not, the only rule in trucking is “expect change”
    Whether you’re a fleet owner or a driver, the hand of government is never far away and it can almost seem as if it’s interested only in making your lives more difficult. The last decade, for example, saw more stringent…
  • Unlocking the value of a more diverse workplace
    The trucking workplace of tomorrow will look much different than today’s
  • International Truck to include driver assistance technology standard on new Class 8 offering
    LISLE, Ill. – International Truck says it will soon be the first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to include a collision mitigation system that comes standard on its Class 8 vehicles. The LT Series on-highway Class 8 tractor will come with…
  • Hyndman to open new Ontario terminal
    WROXETER, Ont. – Hyndman Transport has announced the upcoming opening of a new trucking terminal in Ayr, Ont. The new terminal is located at 2616 Cedar Creek Road, just off Ontario Highway 401 and Highway 97 at Exit 268. The…
  • Trucking HR Canada’s Youth with Drive committee holds first meeting
    TORONTO, Ont. –Trucking HR Canada recently held its first Youth with Drive Advisory Committee meeting, where a group that includes a mix of age groups and some of the trucking industry’s youngest leaders helped develop a plan to raise awareness about the opportunities in…
  • Peterbilt offers sleeper heater on Models 579, 567
    DENTON, Texas – Peterbilt announced its no-idle fuel-fired heater is now available for Model 579s and 567s equipped with 44-inch sleepers.  The system can now be spec’d with the full range of Peterbilt sleepers: 44-, 58-, 72- and 80-inch. According to…
  • Eaton offering remote diagnostics on automated transmissions
    HANOVER, Germany — Eaton has announced the availability of a new IntelliConnect remote diagnostics platform for its automated transmissions. The system provides near real-time monitoring of vehicle fault codes related to the transmission. Alerts are provided to the fleet manager…
  • Eaton showcases autonomous docking technologies
    HANOVER, Germany — Eaton is demonstrating at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Shows two systems designed to assist drivers with docking. Its Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) Dock Assist feature uses software upgrades to communicate with control modules in Eaton’s automated,…
  • FMCSA issues final rule on windshield-mounted technologies
    WASHINGTON, D.C.  – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued a final rule today to allow the voluntary mounting of certain devices on the interior of the windshields of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs), including placement within the area that…
  • Road Choice Truck Parts unveils new redesigned website
    GREENSBORO, N.C. – Road Choice Truck Parts has recently launched its newly redesigned website, Road Choice says the new site includes streamlined navigation, the inclusion of more than 15 new product categories and enhanced parts search functionality with cross…
  • Chats about truck industry’s future preceded VW, Navistar deal
    HANOVER, Germany — Discussions between Navistar and Volkswagen, which recently led to the formation of a strategic alliance between the two truck makers, began in March and initially focused on the future of the trucking industry as a whole. That,…
  • New Cascadia will set benchmark for industry, Daimler’s Bernhard says
    Electrification of city delivery trucks is coming, Bernhard suggests
  • Daimler looks to revolutionize urban deliveries with electric vehicles
    HANOVER, Germany — With 70% of the world’s population expected to live in cities by 2050, Daimler demonstrated at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show how it plans to make cities more livable. “We will make distribution in big cities emissions-free…
  • Gravel haulers continue to protest on Hwy. 401
    MILTON, Ont. — Traffic delays continue on Highway 401 through Milton at Trafalgar as gravel haulers continue to protest allowable axle weights. According to reports, dozens of protesters parked their trucks in the weigh scale lanes early yesterday morning, creating a…
  • ExxonMobil rolls out new lineup of PC-11 compliant engine oils
    SPRING, Texas – ExxonMobil revealed recently its new lineup of enhanced Mobil Delvac diesel engine oils that are designed to meet or exceed the CK-4 and FA-4 categories of API Proposed Category 11 (PC-11) specification.  The new lineup includes improved…
  • The problems with legalizing pot
    The federal government has pledged to introduce legislation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana (it’s already available by permit for medical use) sometime in 2017. This is a much more complicated issue than meets the eye and perhaps more…
  • Goodyear now accepting nominations for Highway Hero Award
    AKRON, Ohio – Goodyear is reminding the industry that nominations are still open for the company’s Highway Hero Award, which honors professional truck drivers who put themselves in harm’s way to help others. The 34th Highway Hero Award winner is…

Communist Brainwashing PDF…

Here’s the PDF of Communist brainwashing techniques as promised in my most recent podcast:

Onion Heads…

I’ve come up with a term for bitter, angry people who are generally pissed off with life and who’s sole reason for existence is to try to make other people as angry and bitter as they are. From now on, these people shall henceforth be designated and officially referred to as “onion heads.”

Onion heads […]

Vista May Make A Bigger Splash Than Anyone Currently Suspects…

I’m beginning to think that Windows Vista is going to make a much larger splash than anyone suspects.

I think that Apple is going to increase market share by perhaps a percentage point during the next year because of the Intel platform, however Apple still hasn’t quite figured out how to grab more mainstream market […]

Montana Oblivion Video…

I just put up a new video called “Montana Oblivion” driving through southest Montana on a two-lane road set to “Meant To Be” by pianist Rob Costlow.

Find my other videos at and

Relocate The United Nations To Havana…

I believe for a variety of reasons that the United States should get out of the United Nations (U.N.) and kick the U.N. headquarters out of New York City.

I have the perfect solution that leftists everywhere can get behind with enthusiasm. Relocate the U.N. to Havana, Cuba!

Don’t Try To Beat The Train…

I am a beta tester for the “alpha” version of CastBlaster Video. Most of this video was generated with CastBlaster Video, however I did add to it with Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0.

I play three video clips, one humourous and two deadly serious. Don’t try to beat the train!!!!!

GPS Is Amazingly Accurate…

This image from my Navizon tracking site shows precisely where my truck is parked:

Zooming in even seems to reveal which side of the truck the Bluetooth GPS unit that’s paired with my phone is on — it’s sitting in the passenger seat here in my truck’s cab:

I’m parked in the rear […]

Mom Posted Another Podcast…

My Mom finally got some WiFi and posted another podcast:

Reloading At Othello, Washington…

I am reloading Saturday at Othello, Washington with a load going to Smyrna, Tennessee.

The Power of Three…

A tiny particle has been discovered called an “Axion” that has no electrical charge. Positive charge, negative charge, no charge…