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Onions Are Food For Thought…

Left to right: Hollywood Adam, Andrew Simz, Patrick Melton

I’ve got a cousin that’s a bit older than me that Patrick Melton reminds me of. My cousin is more of a blow-hard liar than a bully, but he does have bully tendencies and particularly exhibited them when he was younger.

If these people are handled correctly they can be completely flummoxed, but it has to be a calm, no-returned-rage response. In other words, I’m not hating Mr. Onion back — I am therefore able to see and articulate precisely what he’s doing as a sort of object of curiosity. He’s even telling the world he’s bitter and proud of it with the name “onion.” Of course onions are bitter, and there’s the key.

Looking in Google I found out that Patrick Melton does occasional stand-up comedy in central Florida. Many stand-up comedians are very unhappy people. I think sometimes they can sometimes seem funny in the same way that a train wreck could have humorous aspects to it. What they fail to realize is that people are laughing AT them rather than at their “humor.” “Madge” can occasionally say funny things, but apart from the repetitive cursing, which at first is a novelty, there’s really little humor. The core of people who still like this type of thing are drawn to and fascinated by people who are “good” at belittling, mocking, making fun of, denigrating and impugning others — this can keep them distracted from their own shortcomings. Someone like the onion guy or “Madge” has no happiness other than to denigrate, tear down and destroy. They often engage in compulsive behaviors such as (but not limited to) overeating, illegal drug use, etc. How many stand-up comics have there been that have died of drug overdoses? Plenty.

These sorts of “Conduct Disorder” behaviors can be “mapped” in the brain.

The question no one ever seems to want to seriously ask or seek the answer for is this — is there a psychological component to how the brain got “mis-wired” in the first place? Scientists seem to always want to look at the brain as if it develops in a complete vacuum. I believe there IS mis-wiring and there ARE chemical imbalances. However, how did they occur? Did they simply just “happen” mysteriously somehow?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

I believe that there’s an overlooked psychological/spiritual component that science doesn’t want to get anywhere near. I believe that the “spirit” leads the “flesh.” In other words, someone diving deeply into rage can end up mis-wiring their own brain and/or create real chemical imbalances. Psychological/spiritual shortcomings have physical consequences.

I just wish that scientists would be 100% honest and look at the total picture rather than trying to leave out the possibility that there is a God somewhere in the mix. I would even settle for them admitting to a concept that there are absolutes such as right and wrong. If there’s no God, then there’s no right and wrong. In that case, who’s to say that someone that is labeled with Conduct Disorder isn’t 100% normal with a properly-wired brain
and the rest of us that think we have normally-wired brains aren’t the aberrations? In that sort of view, people like “Madge” and our onion guy are simply “different” and no one can make any value judgments. To that view I say nonsense. The idea that there are no absolutes is a declaration of an absolute itself, therefore a contradictory statement that’s self-invalidating. Therefore, there ARE absolutes. “There are absolutes” is an honest observation as opposed to an egotistical declaration.

I believe that many more things could be mapped in the brain that would be useful to know, if scientists were willing to ask the right questions

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. For example, there are people who are able to go through life-changing spiritual/psychological experiences and essentially move from being a dysfunctional criminal/bully type to a decent, honest productive person. Is their brain somehow affected by this change? Is the brain re-wiring itself? If so, can’t that re-wiring be measured? Can’t the chemical balance change be measured in someone who is able to go through an experience that causes them to lose their depression without taking drugs? Sadly these seem to be questions that few people have the guts to seek the answer for.

Mr. Onion has given me a lot to think about and therefore talk about.

Patrick Melton’s Infamous Email…

Here’s the infamous email sent to me by Patrick Melton from the Nobody Likes Onions podcast:


Someone just sent me a clip from your “show”. You could not have possibly gotten more facts wrong about Nobody Likes Onions

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. What an ass you sound like, just spewing false information and talking about events that never happened. You’ve never even fucking listened to the show (by your own admission) yet you critique it and bash our listeners and go as far to throw blame on our parents for THINGS YOU’VE NEVER EVEN HEARD.

What a big fucking douche you sound like. I can’t wait to play your stuttering, stammering hypocritical lying horseshit on my show and rip it the fuck apart. If you don’t like the show or what we do, that’s fine, but you’re just making shit up. No one from my show said ANYTHING close to offensive to Father what’s-his-name. No one on my show ever solicited ID’s, much less sold ID’s – listen to my show, you ass – we don’t even play ID’s. We didn’t win a podcast award. We don’t just bash other shows on our show – we haven’t talked about another show in months (unless they talked about us first, like your piece of shit show, which we will talk about). YOU’VE NEVER LISTENED AND YET YOU’RE AN EXPERT ON HOW WE HAVE NO CONTENT AND LISTENERS SHOULD BE ASHAMED??? Are you fucking kidding me? Who talked shit about you? No one. Spread some more lies, douche. Talk more shit about a show you don’t know anything about, you stupid two-faced excuse for a trucker. What are you hauling, besides lies?

Fuck you. You’re the most hypocritical pussy tucker I’ve ever heard. 10-4?

Patrick Melton

Nobody Likes Onions

I emailed Patrick Melton back apologizing for flying off the handle, making false assumptios and for whatever I got wrong. I also told him I’d be honored if he plays my clip and rips me to shreds. After all, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. I’ve already received a tremendous response from this email, so by simply sending it Patrick Melton has already done me a huge favor. Keep up the great work Patrick Melton!!!

Actually, Patrick Melton DID accept a Podcast Award for the “Distorted View” podcast, so it’s all starting to make sense. Now if I could only find out what vile things he said to Father Roderick… What I initially said regarding Nobody Likes Onions may not be that far off the mark… Here’s he YouTube video of Patrick Melton receiving the Podcast award: