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American Heartbreak…

I just posted another video, this time driving from near downtown Dallas, Texas east on I-30 set to American Heartbreak — Rotten Apple

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. Here’s the link to the video:

American Heartbreak -- Rotten Apple

Tandem Stoppers…

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I’m in the process of reviewing a product called “Tandem Stoppers.” Here’s their YouTube demo video:


New Video…

I just put up a new video of driving on I-35 in Dallas, Texas set to Lacuna Coil — The Secret from

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. Here’s the direct link to the file:

Lacuna Coil -- The Secret --

Sunrise North of Fort Worth…

Having odd sleeping hours can have its benefits

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. This is a sunrise I snapped this morning rising over the Pilot truck stop north of Fort Worth, Texas.

Sunrise North of Fort Worth

Update From Fort Worth, Texas…

I dropped and hooked trailers early this Thursday morning here at Fort Worth, Texas

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. I am reloading here at Fort Worth at 8:00 AM Friday morning.

Unfortunately I woke up with a headache, likely because I messed up my sleeping patterns a bit too much last night. I hate it when that happns! Hopefully I can sleep it off !

Hillary Care Is Back…

Now that the Democrats have won back control of Congress, the liberal nature of Hillary Clinton just can’t help itself

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. She still wants to nationalize health care in the U.S.

She’s baaaak…
Hillary Clinton Wants To Nationalize Your Healthcare...

Senior YouTube Video…

I found these series of videos on YouTube that are pretty amazing

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. This guy’s wife comes on later and says that her husband has died and sparked a whole series of new responses.

Wake-Up Calls Now Inevitible…

I think it’s probably just a matter of time before we have more 911-like “wake-up calls.” The liberals are taking control at a time of the best economy ever, the lowest unemployment ever, and no terrorist attacks on our own soil since 911

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. It won’t unravel instantly, but we are at the top of the tallest roller-coaster ever in world history about to head down. Ultimately we are our own worst enemies, unable to overcome our own selfishness and character flaws. Is President Hillary next???

Miss Ellie’s Podcast…

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My Mom has dubbed herself Miss Ellie in her latest episode:

Hillary Not Photogenic?…

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Hillary Clinton just doesn’t seem to be very photogenic…

Hillary Clinton