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  • Daimler celebrates major milestone
    CLEVELAND, N.C. – Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) celebrated a milestone today when it marked the production of its 3,000,000th vehicle in North America. “Daimler Trucks North America is committed to pacing the industry in terms of engineering and manufacturing excellence,…
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  • SmartTruck comes out with new trailer aero system
    GREENVILLE, S.C. — SmartTruck has come out with a new TopKit fairing system for dry van and reefer trailers, which mounts to the back of the trailer and provides fuel savings of 5.5% according to SmartWay evaluations. The company said…
  • 2014 shaping up to be ‘best year of the cycle’ for truck orders: ACT
    COLUMBUS, Ind. — Robust net orders for Class 8 and medium-duty trucks in July are setting 2014 up to the best year of the cycle for truck order activity, ACT Research reported in its State of the Industry report. Class…
  • Driving the Peterbilt Model 579 EPIQ
    Peterbilt's Model 579 got a lot more fuel-efficient with the introduction of the EPIQ package, a set of specifications that can improve fuel mileage by as much as 10%. We travelled to Texas to drive the 579 EPIQ.
  • Healthy Trucker launches new Healthy Fleet Challenge for September
    TORONTO, Ont. — Healthy Trucker (a division of NAL Insurance) in partnership with Truck News, a Transportation Media publication, has announced they will be holding the second Healthy Fleet Challenge beginning September 1st and running the full month of September.…
  • james cropped
    James Menzies drove this Peterbilt Model 579 with EPIQ package in northern Texas.
  • IMG_00000663
    The Peterbilt Model 579 glistens under the hot Texas sun.
  • IMG_00000655
    Chassis fairings contain a door that provides convenient access to the battery box.
  • IMG_00000651
  • IMG_00000650
    The mirrors are now mounted on the doors of the 567 and 579.
  • IMG_00000649
    A blow-down protection latch keeps the hood from catching wind and slamming down on a driver's head.
  • IMG_00000648
    Hemrods are now used instead of huckbolts to provide better connections and less visibility.
  • IMG_00000647
  • IMG_00000644
    The Peterbilt 579 EPIQ features full-length fairings for improved aerodynamics.
  • IMG_00000643
    The stainless steel grille provides excellent protection. A deer strike bar mounted behind the grill protects the radiator in the event of wildlife collisions.
  • IMG_00000642
    The 579 is easy to climb into and a set of service steps is located behind the fairings so the cab can be accessed even when the fairings are removed.
  • IMG_00000640
    The 579 shares the same new 2.1-metre cab as the 567 vocational truck.
  • IMG_00000638

American Heartbreak…

I just posted another video, this time driving from near downtown Dallas, Texas east on I-30 set to American Heartbreak — Rotten Apple. Here’s the link to the video:

Tandem Stoppers…

I’m in the process of reviewing a product called “Tandem Stoppers.” Here’s their YouTube demo video:

New Video…

I just put up a new video of driving on I-35 in Dallas, Texas set to Lacuna Coil — The Secret from Here’s the direct link to the file:

Sunrise North of Fort Worth…

Having odd sleeping hours can have its benefits. This is a sunrise I snapped this morning rising over the Pilot truck stop north of Fort Worth, Texas.

Update From Fort Worth, Texas…

I dropped and hooked trailers early this Thursday morning here at Fort Worth, Texas. I am reloading here at Fort Worth at 8:00 AM Friday morning.

Unfortunately I woke up with a headache, likely because I messed up my sleeping patterns a bit too much last night. I hate it when that happns! Hopefully I [...]

Hillary Care Is Back…

Now that the Democrats have won back control of Congress, the liberal nature of Hillary Clinton just can’t help itself. She still wants to nationalize health care in the U.S.

She’s baaaak…

Senior YouTube Video…

I found these series of videos on YouTube that are pretty amazing. This guy’s wife comes on later and says that her husband has died and sparked a whole series of new responses.

Wake-Up Calls Now Inevitible…

I think it’s probably just a matter of time before we have more 911-like “wake-up calls.” The liberals are taking control at a time of the best economy ever, the lowest unemployment ever, and no terrorist attacks on our own soil since 911. It won’t unravel instantly, but we are at the top of the [...]

Miss Ellie’s Podcast…

My Mom has dubbed herself Miss Ellie in her latest episode:

Hillary Not Photogenic?…

Hillary Clinton just doesn’t seem to be very photogenic…