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Mom’s Second Podcast & Beyond…

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RV Idiots Podcast

My Mom is podcasting and is doing pretty well for an 81-year-old! Here are more of her brief podcasts:

Podcast number “2 Squirrels Get Ready For Winter:”

Podcast number “3 Full Days:”

Podcast number “4 Leaves Flying:”

You can email her feedback at

Mom’s First Podcast…

My 81-year-old Mom posted her first podcast this afternoon

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. I’ve gotten her set up with a free Podshow account and set up with CastBlaster, which, once it’s set up, simplifies podcasting to a series of simple clicks and a minimum of technical fuss. Her podcast is located at Here’s the direct link to her first podcast:

Lucna Coil “Closer” Exclusive Song Debut…

I debut the Lucuna Coil song “Closer” in episode 402

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. Through an agreement with with the Podsafe Music Network, Lacuna Coil debuts “Closer” to the world of podcasts several days BEFORE it will be released for radio airplay! Here’s the link to episode 402:

Lacuna Coil

Competition In Podcasting?…

I’ve always been pretty lucky in that I generally get lots of feedback. Only upwards of 5% of any audience ever responds or tries to participate in radio shows. I think likely translates over to podcasts, though podcast listeners do tend to be a bit more participatory.

As a Rush Limbaugh listener I’ve never tried to call in or have even felt motivated to, especially since with his show in particular you would likely have to set aside a couple of hours or more to get through to him while waiting on all the advertising breaks.

I don’t view the thousands of other podcasters out there as competition to my podcast, and here’s why. My podcast is about what I’m thinking about, talking about and reacting to today when I’m recording the podcast, and that’s something that’s uniquely mine that no one else has a window into.

If I were trying to do a music podcast, I’d be in big trouble since I’m not really that obsessed with music. The music I’d like to share with my audience is 95% off-limits RIAA music, so rather than trying to concentrate on finding podsafe music to share, I occasionally share podsafe music that I’ve found that I really like.

The podcasts I’m listening to are based around the personality of the podcaster. How many friends do you have? Do people have to compete to be your friend? Conversely do you have to compete to be friends with other people? Again, these are areas where competition isn’t an issue.

Would it work if I had someone “fill in” for me on my podcast? Not at all. What it really comes down to is how one approaches podcasting. If it’s based around personality, then competition doesn’t enter into it. If it’s based around doing a certain “type” of show that’s more about production that any good producer could string together, that anyone could “fill in” for as a guest host, then competition suddenly becomes something to worry about.

The only way I could have a “guest host” on my podcast would be maybe if I developed schizophrenia or multiple personalities!

There are likely people who “sample” my podcast and find they don’t care for it and move on, just as there are many people I meet that I don’t become friends with.

The other thing revolves around motivation

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. Is a podcaster motivated to make new friends and communicate with old ones? That’s really what keeps me motivated to podcast. If I was trying to “create” something with my podcast other than making new friends and communicating with old ones, I’d have lost my motivation after the first month or two. Despite the fact that I’m politically conservative and do believe in God, I’ve got a way of approaching most people that doesn’t scare them away that I don’t really understand all that well myself.

Podcasters that are coming into it just to create slick “content” quickly lose their motivation and fade out. It happens all the time.

Regardless of how many podcasts come on board, commercial or not, I’m still going to be out there finding new friends and communicating with old ones. When it really comes down to brass tacks that’s why I do it and that’s what keeps supplying my motivation.

Conversation With Bruce Murray…

In episode 396 I included a 40-minute-long conversation I had with Bruce Murray that does the Zedcast podcast

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. Here’s the direct link to the file:

Hear Bruce talk about fun things he does in his day job, such as baste turkey with motor oil to get that just so-so appetizing look…

Here’s a photo of me with Bruce at the 2006 Podcast and Portable Media Expo in Ontario, California.

Me with Bruce Murray at the 2006 Podcast and Portable Media Expo in Ontario, California

Rotating GIF From Chris Marquardt…

My friend Chris Marquardt took several photos of my head while we were at the 2006 Podcast & Portable Media Expo in Ontario, California

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. Here it is:

Trucker Tom

Origination Of Man’s Ego…

How man came to exist is one of those things we can never really know for sure one way or another

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. Clearly humanity or the universe didn’t just “randomly happen.” We can speculate endlessly on how everything came to be.

Much more interesting to me is the question of ego — how did man’s ego come to be? Why is mankind the only species with ego? Clearly it is one of the things that sets us apart from the other occupants of this planet, and it’s the one imperfect element in an otherwise perfect universe. Did man’s ego evolve from some distant animal ancestor? Obviously not. Where did it come from? No one seems to ever think of looking into this question.

Love Storm video…

I just produced a video for the song “Love Storm” by Richie Havens

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. Here’s the link to the video:

Love Storm Video

Dr. Joel Wallach Interview…

I interviewed Dr

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. Joel Wallach of Youngevity regarding crocodile hunter Steve Irwin’s recent death by a getting stung in the heart by a Stingray. We also talked about many other topics. Here’s the link to the file:

Dr. Joel Wallach

Brad Gibson Interview…

In the latest episode of my podcast, 389, I included the interview/conversation I had with podcaster and blogger Brad Gibson at the 2006 Podcast & Portable Media Expo in Ontario, California held at the tail-end of September

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. Here’s a direct link to the MP3 audio:

Brad is a great guy to hang around with!!!!!

Brad Gibson