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Podcast Listening Experiences…

To make podcasting work as a total alternative replacement listening experience, it’s necessary for me to find and subscribe to podcasts and podcasters that (1) I really like and (2) put out enough content to make it possible for me to listen for up to about 10 hours a day, day in and day out. Now that I think about it, I realize I tend to be in regular email contact with those podcasters, so there tends to be interactive communication going on as opposed to just listening to the podcasts.

In the long term I’ve stayed to podcasts that (1) keep me informed about what’s going on in podcasting, (2) keep me informed on the latest Internet/tech-related news stories, (3) give me some sort of substance/value for the time I spend listening. That last one — the substance/value element — is quite important for every podcast, and tends to revolve around whether I like the podcaster’s personality, how genuine and honest they are being, etc. I have ended up dropping a number of podcasts over time where the podcasters weren’t genuine, or I didn’t feel like I could be friends with them in person given the opportunity.

It really does boil down to whether or not I could be friends with them in person. That’s one reason I think an annual gathering like the Podcast & Portable Media Expo is so important — it gives people the chance to actually meet each other and compare what comes across in the podcast versus what comes across in the real world.

Hilly Rose Interview…

I interviewed Hilly Rose, the long-time broadcaster that introduced the idea of talking about paranormal subjects on radio and television.

Hilly Rose

I was going to drop the file on Monday morning after midnight, but something went haywire with the Podshow scheduling option and it dropped immediately. Here’s the directlink to the file:

Thanks Hilly for putting up with an amateur interviewer!

Bittorrent For “The Path To 911.”

As I mentioned in my podcast 370, I downloaded and installed a Bittorrent client program called “uTorent” which can be downloaded at

I like the uTorrent program. The program download is extremely small. Also, once it’s installed and the program is opened it has a search function in the upper right corner of the screen. I typed in “Path to 911″ into the search box and it gave me the following link, which I am currently downloading:


uTorrent Screen Shot

Motorcycle Safety…

Here’s an interesting article from Forbes & AP regarding motorcycle safety:

I know I’ve personally seen a number of motorcycle wrecks in the past few months that I’ve happened upon that are being worked as I’m out
driving around. I’m not sure why this is happening. It may be that the types of bikes that are being sold has something to do with it.

Also there’s more traffic. Besides the age of the bikers increasing, the overall age of motorists is also increasing as well. So I guess you could
say more traffic as well as older drivers/riders is likely part of the culprit.

The other thing the article mentioned was alcohol being a factor in 41% of the accidents. That’s pretty big. Someone drinking alcohol and driving a car is bad enough, but combine alcohol with a motorcycle and it makes it even more dangerous.

The bottom line is that whether one is driving or riding, it’s always best to assume that people around you are going to do stupid things and plan

The other thing is that certain areas of the country are more congested than ever. 20 or 30 years ago Florida still had some rural areas. Today that has changed dramatically — much of it is congested with heavy traffic and stoplights which to me doesn’t make for much of an enjoyable riding experience anyway.

Upcoming Hilly Rose Interview…

Here’s a promo for an upcoming interview episode of my podcast that I did with veteran broadcaster Hilly Rose:

Be sure to tune in to on Monday, September 18, 2006.

A Cure For Digital Senility…

I have a couple of 13-year-old vintage IBM machines with Pentium 166 processors. The software they were designed to run — Windows 95 and 98 are no longer functional on the Internet, and they just don’t have enough horsepower to even begin to run today’s operating systems.

Old IBM machines such as these are engineering marvels. Filled with metal parts and clean motherboard designs, they are still chugging away years later after competing hardware has long been deteriorating in landfills.

A great way to rescue old hardware from what I like to call “Digital Senility” is to install a light-footprint version of Linux such as “Damn Small Linux” (or “DSL Linux for short) available at

I recorded a video of a quick “DSL Linux” install on one of these machines available here:

Here’s the WMV version of the same file:

A Real Katrina Refugee Experience…

Hurricane Katrina refugee Ricky Lips

My friend Ron Stroope posted an excellent video interview of a Hurricane Katrina refugee Ricky Lips that moved to Shreveport, Louisiana. I highly reccommend watching it. The video is located at: